Baylis & Harding

Baylis & Harding

Baylis & Harding is more than handsoap. It is a feeling and a generosity which comes from the heart. Affordable luxury wrapped in the scent of giseng, black pepper and roses.

Created in the heart of England in 1970 and inspired by the two lovliest homemakers you can imagine- Granny Baylis and Granny Harding, who both know a thing or two about keeping guests in their homes very happy.

The business has always been, and still is, a family run business. Their headquarters have framed photos of both grannies all over the walls (ah,bless). These photos act as a daily reminder as to what makes Baylis & Harding so extraordinary. Everything is filled to the brim, standing by core testament of 'no half measures'. Forever liberal with their ingredient and scents to ensure they create the greatest and most indulgent home fragrances on the market.

Over the years Baylis & Harding have produced an aromatic catalogue of scents ranging from fresh, fruity and floral to oriental and gourmand. Today the iconic British brand is a feature in most homes, and as much of a household name as it's ambassadors, Kelly Brook & Jenson Button. Kelly perfectly captures her enchanting lifestyle on social media- whether that be meandering through her English country garden and lovely home, or escaping to tropical paradise on a romantic getaway, and it's those adventures & memories that best represent the Baylis & Harding ethos.

Catering to the boys is Button, who Baylis & Harding chose for his appreciation of style and desire to stay fresh by day and immaculate by night. The men's grooming range is the fastest growing part of the business and working so closely with such an inspiring sporting legend is a demonstration of the brands growth and commitment to men's grooming!

Baylis & Harding products are beautifully packaged, beautifully made and beautifully fragranced, and beautifully discounted with BrandAlley!

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