What is it about French names that make us trust a brand wholeheartedly? With Bellápierre, it’s clear why: the natural, mineral makeup and jazzy, whisper soft brushes are of the quality you would imagine from a brand with such a charming name.

One of the world’s fastest-growing mineral make-up companies, Bellápierre was also one of the first brands to dabble in these natural cosmetics. Unlike many cosmetics companies, this label produce and manufacture all of its own products (which include make-up brushes, skincare, eye creams, lip gloss and other cosmetics) allowing it to keep its finger on the pulse of cosmetics trends.

An abundance of natural ingredients and a diversity of colour pigments mean that all skin types and tones are catered for at Bellápierre. All of these premium cosmetics are smooth and creamy with long-lasting action and a beautiful, youthful finish. In addition to skin products, find pure and natural eye and lip products in pigmented colours that last and last as well as super soft, dense make-up brushes.

Best-sellers include the bright and beautiful mineral lipsticks and glosses, mineral blush and compact mineral foundation, though customers love each and every one of these products for their versatility, beauty and natural finish. At BrandAlley, you’ll find an abundance of the Bellápierre Sale products to fill out your make-up case and update your make-up kit.

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