5 Ways to Update Your Interior Style


Spring has just hit us and with this, wardrobe and interior décor updates are in order. With the dreary winters of England finally (almost) gone, we’re looking forward to beer gardens, lunches outside in parks and a million other sunny activities!

Even though the weather is beautiful, we don’t have to spend all our time outside, and with these 5 ways to make your house that little bit more unique to you, you’ll definitely enjoy cuddling up and staying at home with a magazine this spring, too.


Just one of the ways to perk up your house is to change up the colour, making it fit into a bit more of a spring feel. Trust us, with muted blues, matte blacks, greys and golds complementing the terracotta colour, it’s one to lift the spirit in your house a little.

Earthy Tones

Now we know the trend for earthy/desert tones is probably just a continuation of last year’s trends, but nevertheless, it is still a fun way to change up your living room or office.

With warm pinks, dusty blues and enough cactuses to make anybody happy, it’s one to try out if you need a bit of change in your home.

Modern Rustic Minimalism

This is probably one of the most popular trends with people that like to have a sleek modern home vibe in their house. And with good reason: this updated version is sure to make you feel like you’ve cleared out your home of all clutter and garbage that doesn’t need to be in it anymore.


With this being the Pantone colour of the year, you’re probably going to see a lot more green in 2017.

But fear not! With this fresh spring colour, it’s sure to update your interior style just a little. Perfect with dark walls or a nice contrast to a clash of colours. It’s sure to make you feel calm and collected all the time.


Yes, we know that it is a very broad statement. But nonetheless, textures have become a thing to be aware of if you want your interiors to be instagrammable for all to see. From velvet and silk to leather, all have a role to play in making your interior’s look even better.

If you’re feeling a little inspired see what goods you can get from us to make your home that little bit more special this spring time!

Photo Source: Dezeen, Pinterest