6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Working From Home Space

Home office interior inspiration

Having to create a makeshift home office is no easy task. If, like us, you’ve had to quickly erect a decent working space at the last minute, you’ll know the struggles of trying to locate a desk chair, functioning lamp and spare laptop charger.

But with millions of us asked to work from home for the foreseeable, having a comfortable space is key to boosting productivity and ensuring we’re as comfortable and motivated as possible.

And with more time on our hands than ever before, there’s no excuse not to spend some time improving our home office! Follow these simple steps to take your desk from drab to fab:

Home office space minimalism

Declutter your working space

As the saying goes – a clear space = a clear mind. Whether you’re using your bedroom desk, kitchen table or simply sitting on the sofa, ensure your surroundings are as tidy as possible.

Get rid of anything that may distract you and make space for those office essentials. For a truly minimalist look, make like Marie Kondo and get rid of anything you don’t need during your working day.

working from home desk near windows, natural light

Lighting is key

With growing evidence to suggest a link between lighting conditions, health and wellbeing, having the right lighting in your home office is key!

If you can, try and position your work station near a window to get as much natural light as possible. Alternatively, invest in a SAD lamp that’ll act as a form of light therapy to boost endorphins.

You can also create the illusion of a lighter room with mirrors and clever interior tricks so get creative with your space!

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home office with plants on desk

Invest in some indoor plants

Bring the outdoors inside with some potted plants or flowers. We’re at home for the foreseeable so try to make your space as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Not only will greenery help contribute to cleaner breathing air, but it’ll also keep your room bang on on-trend (indoor plants are having a moment right now).

home office desk chair

Ensure your chair is as comfortable as possible

Whether you’re lucky enough to be sitting on an office chair or slumming it with an alternative (shoutout to anyone else using a garden chair), ensure it’s as comfortable as possible to reduce strain and injury.

A back support will do wonders in the long term, as will having a chair placed at the correct height (your screen should be at eye level)…

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Treat yourself to some new stationery

There’s nothing like Monday motivation in the form of some new stationery. A luxyr pencil case, notepad, stack of sticky notes or pen pot should you give you that added boost to crack on with your day-to-day tasks or start that new project you’ve been putting off.

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Decorate with mindfulness artwork

Add a splash of colour to your walls with framed mindfulness artwork. Choose prints and art that invokes a sense of calm and stillness.

Having a painting or picture to look at and reflect in is a great way to take a step back from your daily tasks awhile adding to the overall ambiance of an organised working area.

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Words: Sherri Andrew