Black Friday: Thursday Deal

On a scale from Donald Trump to donut burgers, the things that America has given us make for a pretty mixed bag. American culture can be good, bad and ugly, but one aspect of it that we certainly can’t fault is Black Friday. Though we might not get to join in the Thanksgiving hype, at least we have the opportunity to shop ourselves silly.

In celebration of the best shopping extravaganza since Boxing Day, we’ve got four huge, spectacular deals to share with you, plus one big blowout event this Friday the 25th.

Every day this week, find a new special deal. Before you go forth and shop, can you guess what’s coming before anyone else from the riddle?

Today’s Deal:

Winter’s topmost layer,

Shade of desert-dwellers,

The cosy length of this delight

Means no need for umbrellas.


Find out what this amazing deal is and then shop it here.