Make-Up Trends of 2018

Burberry WWD Individuality

It’s nearing the end of 2017; another year edging closer day by day. What preparations do you really need to do other than find out the new make-up trends coming in 2018? You don’t want to be a slow poke about finding out the trends do you?

Bold Upper Lashes

Tom Ford WWD. Bold Upper Lashes

This make-up speaks to the women who want to be both assertive and exciting. With thick upper lashes, that don’t quite turn into a cat eye, combined with a black bold look makes it one to rock when you’re feeling more confident then usual.

Eye Gloss

Prabal Gurung WWD. Eye Gloss

Yes, this may sound gross in many ways than one. But trust us when we say that it’ll be trending in the next year. With it giving that au natural looks but having a little shine added to it makes it a winner.

Rock ‘n’ roll Meets the Fifties

Caroline Herrera WWD Rock ‘n’ roll Meets the Fifties

This was achieved by perfecting the eyeliner not too bold and not too scarce.

Emphasise the Eyes

Alice & Olivia WWD Emphasise the Eyes

The eyes are the most important part of this make-up trend with a strong emphasis on the eyes and then everything else to simply compliment it and make it pop even more.

Fresh and Healthy

Michael Kors WWD Fresh and Healthy

The main point of this make-up trend is to make everything remain untouched. You may say that you would just absolutely never do this. But sometimes when you’re super tired and late for everything, that extra 10 minutes in the mornings could just be used for more sleeping.


Burberry WWD Individuality

Probably the most odd and interesting trends that will be about for next year is the idea of individuality. So, if you have any features that are unique to you, let them shine! And don’t worry about other peoples’ opinions.

Radiant Glow

Ulla Johnson WWD Radiant Glow

Probably most popularised by the Korean population and trends within their amazing world, this look is making its way into the western world now. Characterised by radiant skin and a glowing finish, this is going to become a massive trend in 2018.

Image Credit: WWD, Pinterest

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