The Paris Fashion Week Street Style Trends

The Paris Fashion Week Street Style Trends

With an influx of designers showing their new collections off left right and centre, the fashion capitals’ streets were alive with editors, Street Style Photographers and many more besides. With them came great trends to take note of if you want to keep up with what’s going on. We’ve done the hard work and are going to show you how you should be dressing now to seem a little bit more cooler.

All Red Everything

Red seems to be the colour that everyone is wearing bright, vibrant red is hard to miss, and it certainly has the attention of both editors and buyers this season.

This colour is a change from the same old boring thing, so why not try it out?

Trench Coats Done Differently

Now the classic trench coat is something that will never go out of style and will be worn years to come by many, many people.

But this season it seems to be having an intriguing resurgence thanks to Balenciaga with trench coats popping up everywhere.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets seemed to be everywhere but with a slight difference: whether they be distressed, oversized or layered under another jacket, there are plenty of ways to make denim a little different this season.

Elevated Tailoring

Tailoring may have a somewhat dull reputation…not if our favourite street style stars have anything to say about it. Once you see they way they work it, it’s going to be your new go to trend for simple, effortless dressing.

Shrobing/Off the Shoulder

This season, armholes in coats were used to their fullest potential thanks to the shrobing and off the shoulder trends. Lending a dishevelled, grunge look, these techniques are all the rage, especially if you want to look like you don’t care too much.

Gingham Print

If you love gingham but never wanted to wear it before because it wasn’t ‘trendy’ then now is your time!

Gingham is making a big comeback for summer, with designers creating different colour palettes and patterns with the check this season. It’s definitely a winner for us!

Hooded Heroes

Hoodies have always been a popular item streetwear choice, but now, thanks to Vetements, we can all wear a hoodie and be considered stylish as well as cool.

As street style in Paris has shown us, hoodies are chic again and we’re super grateful!

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