Rihanna is Dropping 14 New Shades of Lipstick

Rihanna is Dropping 14 New Shades of Lipstick

You’ve asked for a Christmas miracle, and Rihanna has given us one. Her amazing beauty brand Fenty Beauty is giving us that festive feeling by dropping 14 new shades of lipstick from the Mattemoiselle range, and they’re all coming on 26th December.

The singer-turned-designer turned beauty connoisseur is showing us once again that she truly is the king of everything. Nothing is a trend or cool until Rhianna says it is. And now we can add green lipstick to that list.

Last week, Rihanna teased the drop on Instagram by posting a photograph of her in a navy blue lipstick shade. Lucky for us, we’ve also got another 14 shades of lipstick to choose from too!

No doubt, the collection will sell out in seconds of the release: after all, its happened with absolutely everything that Rhianna puts her name too. This is going to be one of the best releases over the Christmas period, but unluckily you won’t be getting anything under the tree as it’s actually coming out on Boxing Day. So, you’re gonna have to brave the stores to get these new shades of lipstick. That’s plans of staying at home on Boxing Day s to eat all of the leftover food out the window.

Hopefully this will be the drop that will make all of us make-up lovers go mad, and use our sharpened elbows to get there first when the lipsticks drop.
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