The Trends from London and New York Fashion Weeks

Simone Rocha Simone Rocha

Beep Beep! Here we are in the midst of Fashion Month once again! The bi-annual fash fest is in full swing, with New York and London Fashion Weeks both done and dusted.

Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks are yet to show us what they’re made of, but before then, let us pause and take stock. What have we seen on the autumnal horizon? What trends will you be dying to try come September? We’ve set out just a few for you right here.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Roses are having a moment! It was hard not to notice the abundance of the romantic bloom on multiple catwalks both in New York and London. Some designers (Adam Selman and Pam Hogg, we’re looking at you), even incorporated 3D versions of the flowers into their designs.

Check Mate!

Checkerboard patterns were rife on both sides of the pond, though smaller, more diminutive checks like the below also reigned supreme. Mulberry and Pringle of Scotland in particular made us go weak at the knees with their heritage-happy hurrahs.

Parallel Lines

Top to toe stripes are doing the rounds at the top fashion houses. In myriad colours, the only rule seems to be that the stripes run vertically.


In a time of political unrest, words are taking centre-stage. Of particular note was London’s Ashish show, which showed besequinned pieces adorned with anti-Trump messages of love.

Neither Up Nor Down

Hemlines are taking a trip for autumn, with extra pieces of material appearing where they might ordinarily be absent. Several designers are also doubling up on the long hemlines, creating a contemporary silhouette.

Photo Source: Vogue 

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