How to Wear: Millennial Pink

Be Bold

It seems that everyone and their dog is wearing Millennial Pink. Dusty and soft, it’s a hue associated with the clothes, ad campaigns and all-round aesthetic of the millennial generation. Now we understand that pink isn’t for everyone, but with a few handy tips, we’re sure it’ll be invading your wardrobe tout de suite.

Be Bold

Yes, although this may not be your favourite colour at the moment, you’ll have to be very bold trying to pull it off as it will stand out from your other clothes.

Why not stand out a little? It’ll give you a new confidence doing so!

Wrap yourself up in Pink

With summer coming, why not just wrap yourself in a bit of pink as opposed to those heavier colours of black, grey and blue. It’ll give you a lighter touch on any outfit.

Pink Sneakers

Still our favorite besides the white achilles 👫 Go to my website (link in bio) 👆🏻 to buy these 😉

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Probably one of the easier looks to pull off from this list, but still stylish none the less. We recommend a pair of cropped trousers to pair with it, and go sockless, obviously.

Yes, both guys and girls can wear this style without giving it too much thought.

Pink Tailoring

Tailoring with a bit of twist. Tailoring has become synonymous with boring black, grey and neutral colours sucking the life out of the suit.

But now you can revive it by just adding the millennial pink to your suit and rocking it with confidence. Yes, it really is that simple.

Experiment with Different Shades and Textures

Experiment with Different Shades and Textures

At the risk of looking like a bit of a watermelon or apricot, why not experiment a little with different shades of pink and textures to create a bit more of an interesting outfit?

Mix & Match

Not everything has to be pink when you wear it, because quite frankly if you wore pink and only pink every day, people might be talking by the end of the week.

So mix and match with your favourite other colours! But make sure they complement each other. And yes, black does work with millennial pink (phew!)