Perhaps the world’s most famous and popular brand, Apple’s tech has come to define a generation with its seminal iPods, omnipresent iPhones and unrivalled accessories.

Founded by the two Steves – Jobs and Wozniak – Apple started life in a garage in California. Originating with Apple I, an assembled circuit board with a display system that displayed 60 characters per second, the business know-how and daring inventiveness of the two Steves soon lead to something magical.

By 1980, the pair had moved onto Apple III, and by 1983, the Macintosh. Soon, the company had grown into the multi-billion dollar business we know it as today.

Named Apple after the fruit that grew in the orchards Jobs worked by, many have also suggested that the logo, which shows an apple with a bite taken out of it, pays homage to Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating a cyanide-infused apple.

In 2001, Apple introduced its first iPod, which could store up to 1000 songs, with the iTunes Music Store coming soon after in 2003. The iPhone, now as common as lampposts in the modern western landscape, made its debut in 2007. The iPad came into being in 2010.

Now a monolith in the tech world, Apple stands head and shoulders above other brands as a symbol of our times. Find their seminal, covetable products at BrandAlley for less.

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