The 2021 Homeware Trends To Upgrade Your Home

This year, our interiors have meant more to us than ever. With us all spending much more time at home, we’ve become somewhat of an interior designer, upgrading our space to make it a more pleasant environment.

As the New Year fast approaches, we’re looking towards the 2021 homeware trends that will have our space looking more stylish than ever in the months ahead.

Scandi Style

2021 Homeware trends
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Scandi décor has been a key player in both our interiors and fashion over the past couple of years; and it isn’t set to go anywhere in 2021, either. To achieve this style, firstly ensure your space is clutter free with a Marie Kondo-esque attitude.

Add wood furniture and flooring as for the main focus of your Scandi style, and stick to a neutral palette, the more natural, the better. Scandi décor is great for those starting out in a new home, or if you’re working with a budget.

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home decor cottagecore trends homeware trends
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Never did we think our Grandma’s house would become our home style inspiration, but then the Cottagecore trend swept the nation. The best three words to sum up this trend? Florals, frills and nostalgia.

Think china plates (you can find plenty of vintage sets on Ebay), displayed in cabinets for all to see. In the bedroom, replace your plain sheets with frilled, patterned styles for a kitsch feel. In your kitchen, go back to your roots and invest in a farmhouse dining table, of course with a decadent table cloth (and perhaps even a doily)…

Plants Plants Plants

homeware trends, houseplants
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We all know millennials love their houseplants, however, they’re right on trend, as houseplants continue to take centre space in our 2021 homeware trends. The good news? Low maintenance plants are very much in, so there’s minimal worry of killing your beloved plant baby. From snake plants to succulents, keep your favoured house plant in a stylish vase to make a real statement in any room of the house.

If you cant trust yourself with a live plant, the good news is that faux plants, and in particular, bunny tails are also in Vogue. With all of the style and none of the maintenance, we’re sold.

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French Country Chic

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If you’re hoping to add a boost of elegant vintage-inspired style into your home, embrace the French Country Chic trend. The easiest thing about it is that your pieces don’t have to be coordinated, in fact, the more uncoordinated, the better. Keep the furnishings white or neutral, then inject some flashes of colour when it comes to the accents. Blues will go particularly well with neutral hues, so be sure to include some pieces in those shades, too.

Let your wallpaper do the talking with a floral or jacquard design. This doesn’t have to be limited across one wall, in fact, it looks best when spread across all four walls. Plus, it’ll make your space look like a historic French Palais. Make your room as decadent as you can, and yes, that includes the chandelier you’ve always been coveting.

Mix Old and New

Source: Pinterest/M A D D I E

Mixing vintage and modern pieces will make your space feel instantly homelier and ‘lived in’, even if you’ve only just moved in.

When it comes to the colour palette of the room, you’ll need to keep it neutral so the focus remains on your accessories. Otherwise, it’ll look too busy. For the most successful old and new rooms, there won’t be one particular ‘feature’ product, every piece will have a place in its own right. Think of creative way to repurpose items, could a wooden ladder become a bookshelf? Or a chest become a coffee table. Use your imagination, and you’re onto a winner.

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Perfect your Home Office

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Whether we like it or not, our Home Office will continue to have a vital place in the home throughout 2021. We all have our limitations, the main one being space, but it’s important to make it right.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a whole room on offer, find a corner you can work in. Even if your space is small, there are plenty of desks now on offer which don’t take up a huge amount of room, and you can even invest in a foldaway style which you can put away at the end of the day. Make sure you have plenty of light, too, or treat yourself to a stylish desk lamp, that way your motivation won’t falter in the dark winter evenings.

You’ll want to make your space as aesthetically pleasing as possible, too. Add a small succulent desk plant as an easy decoration, or a framed picture of loved ones to cheer you up on more stressful days. Every persons desk is personal to themselves, so include things which will make you happy.

Neon Lighting

Credit: Pinterest/Dunelm

One of the more fun homeware trends? Neon lighting. With searches massively up for the bright lights on Pinterest, it’s the perfect thing to bring an injection of vibrancy and your personality into your home.

Whether you’re hoping for a slogan phrase, or a symbol that best represents you, there’s plenty on offer. You could even make a feature wall with lots of neon imagery as a real style statement.

Words: Maria Loizou