7 Easy Makeup Tutorials on YouTube for Halloween 2019

Still haven’t bought your Halloween costume? No sweat. Neither have we.

The good news is we’ve scoured YouTube for some killer Halloween makeup tutorials and boy have our favourite MUAs delivered.

We know a lot of Halloween looks can be haunting – sorry daunting – to pull off but the makeup doesn’t have to be scarily hard. Hoorah!

Most of these looks will only require makeup you already own (though fangs, glitter and prosthetic noses are of course optional).

Here are our top seven looks for an ooky-spooky, yet totally easy beat.

If you’ve got it, haunt it…

Mermaid 🧜

Think Ariel from the little mermaid, if Ariel was evil and lived in an alternate universe that is.

@RhiannonClaire’s beautiful mermaid makeup is perfect for those who want to impress but not scare off the neighbours.

A sequin or fishtail dress is the perfect match for this, but if you’re strapped for time, covering any outfit in a tonne of glitter will do just the trick.

 Half skull (for half the skill) 💀

Show skeletonnes of style at your work Halloween party with this simple half skull look.

You’ll only need two colours to pull this one off – use face paint if you want it to last until the witching hour.

Jazz it up with a bit of glitter and wear with a bold outfit (think sequins), if you want to stand out from the other skeletons.

Doe, a deer 🦌

A female deer? A bit of deer makeup is perfect for those still wanting to pull off a strong contour and bold eyeliner.

@TheMakeupChair’s tutorial is super easy to follow as the video runs in real time, meaning you can paint your face like a deer in under ten minutes!

Galaxy Halloween makeup 🌠

Reach for the stars! For a totally simple yet effective beat, opt for some intergalactic vibes.

This starry-eyed looked, paired with a bold pink lip, will suit any skin tone. And everyone has a pink top to match, right?

Snake lips 🐍

If you’re going for less is more, try these sexy snake lips for a spooktacular look.

Paired with a smoky eye and a dark ensemble, you’ll look as though you’ve made a lot of effort when in reality, you’ve put on some lipstick. Result.

Pumpkin girl 🎃

Ditch your pumpkin spiced latte in favour of some Jack O’Lantern contour.

Slightly less basic than a skeleton outfit, this pumpkin look is way cuter than those pumpkin fancy dress outfits for sale (have a Google).

Get ready to caption your Instagram with all the Halloween emojis.

Witch, please 🧙

Warning: may need to buy a lot of green paint.

Turn yourself into the Wicked Witch of the West with the help of @Valery_vision’s tutorial.

Just be careful not to kiss any frogs otherwise that bold red lip will be gone faster than a witch on a broomstick …

Words: Sherri Andrew