The Autumn Skincare Guide: How to Achieve Flawless Skin

autumn skincare

Curating the perfect skincare regime is most definitely a task that is easier said than done. Whether you’re a simple three step or  seasoned seven step person, one thing is for sure – you should be updating your regime seasonally. This is because different products are at their best at different seasons, just as we switch up our wardrobe in summer and winter. Unsure where to start? Here are the nine things to consider for your autumn skincare regime, in order to achieve the natural glow of your dreams year-round.

The nine autumn skincare tips you need to know

SPF is vital year-round

We will never stop preaching the importance of SPF (as all good beauty brands do), because it’s seriously that important. Whilst the sun may not be out as much as we head towards autumn and winter, SPF should be worn year-round, and you should really be at a minimum of SPF 30. Many quality day creams include SPF, or you can get a separate cream as an additional step to your skincare routine.

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Treat new season breakouts with a face mask

autumn skincare
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For many, a face mask can be an act of self-care, or a luxury treat. However, in the winter you should really be adding one face mask a week into your regime in order to avoid breakouts and keep your skin as clean and as fresh as possible. Whether you prefer a sheet mask, peel off mask or a classic mask, there’s plenty of options to suit your time and regime – whilst focusing on the skincare priorities you need the most.

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Switch to a thicker moisturiser

autumn skincare
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Be it pollution, adverse weather conditions (rainy days and harsh winds, we’re looking at you), or just adapting to the colder climes, our skin goes through a lot once we get to September. That’s why it’s important to keep it protected as much as possible, through a thicker moisturiser than the lighter one you may choose in summer. Fortunately, good quality moisturisers won’t feel too heavy on your skin anyway, so you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference.

Continue to cleanse through morning and night

Simple, but forever effective, cleansing your skin is the number one thing you should be doing twice a day, eliminating dirt, debris and pollution. As well as this, by cleansing and massaging your skin, blood flow increases, eliminating toxins and giving you a refreshed, natural look.

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Eat well

As with most things, a healthy diet is is an easy way to ensure you’re getting the very best out of your skincare. Fruits and vegetables such as spinach and leafy greens, carrots, beans, leaves and lentils are great, as well as berries and tomatoes. Fish, including salmon, mackerel and other fatty options should be added to your diet, so plan for some healthy lunches and dinners, as well as your skincare products.

Treat redness with anti-inflammatory ingredients

Whether you suffer from rosacea, are prone to suffering from cold and flu or the cold temperature makes your face red, it can feel slightly uncomfortable and also make you feel slightly self-conscious. The best way to combat it? With soothing ingredients that will restore your visage to its natural glory. Look out for products including vitamin C, Chamomile and Aloe Vera, these fast-acting natural remedies will make a positive impact in a matter of days.

Hyaluronic acid will be your best friend

autumn skincare
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It may be a relatively new kid on the block, but Hyaluranic Acid is well and truly a beauty must-have. Brands such as The Ordinary have plenty of options for you to try at a budget price, and just a drop or two is enough to refresh your visage and minimise dullness. Add it to your routine after cleansing and toning, but before you moisturise.

Try to not always have the heating on

We know it can be tempting to keep the heating on during the cold, winter months, but unfortunately, it’s not good for your skin, as well as the environment (or your wallet, thanks rising bills). By keeping the heating on a high temperature, your skin is then going to be dried out even more than usual, reducing the glow we all crave and aim for when it comes to our skin.

Top tip: as much as it may pain you, for the best complexion you should really be keeping the heating off at night. Instead, layer up in some cosy pyjamas and a warm duvet to ensure you don’t get too cold.

Recreate your summer glow with a serum


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If a serum isn’t yet a part of your skincare regime – what are you waiting for? There’s plenty of benefits to incorporating a serum into your autumn skincare, as not only does consistent use reduce blemishes, but it also can fight the signs of ageing, as well as unlocking a natural moisture in your skin throughout the day, achieving the glow we all so desperately crave in a matter of days.

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Words Maria Loizou