Beat Blue Monday: 8 Simple Ways to Lift Your Mood this January

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January can be quite a strange month. For some, it’s following New Year’s resolutions, the arrival of credit card bills and for others, it may be starting a new chapter. Today is ‘Blue Monday’, better known as the most depressing day of the year. Many people return to work, are missing the festive fun, or are just hating the weather. This year might be even harder due to the stress of the pandemic, so we’ve come up with 8 positive ways for you to tackle the gloominess.

1. Take care of your wellbeing

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Do all the things you love today. Sometimes we focus on other people’s needs rather than our own, but you’ll feel great about yourself when you meet your own needs. So, show yourself some forms of compassion, whether that’s buying yourself flowers, dressing for the day, or just doing things that genuinely make you happy.

2. Have a positive mindset and attitude

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Many of us are searching for happiness in everything we do, but sometimes all it takes is recognising our progression. Reflect on the positive experiences and applaud yourself for how far you’ve come.

Start today with a big dose of positivity. Here are some positive affirmations that could help today and any other day:

  • I will succeed today
  • I deserve happiness
  • I choose peace
  • The best is yet to come
  • I am grateful for my life

3. Get enough rest and sleep

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Did you know, 60% of people feel better prepared for the day ahead with a full night’s sleep? Lack of sleep leads to grumpiness, but getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep can change everything. Do yourself a favour and have an early night tonight.

4. Work out and get active

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Today might be the best day to work out. Get those endorphins going and your heartbeat racing. Enjoy the outdoors and go for a walk or jog with a friend. Pop on some activewear, listen to some upbeat music, and walk your worries away.

5. Take nutritious vitamins and supplements

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We tend to be less motivated on days like today, there’s a lack of sunshine and we’re deep into the winter season. Sometimes our bodies are missing the sunshine and are lacking some vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a big part in regulating your mood; take vitamin D supplements, include egg yolks in your diet, or eat some fatty fish. You may also feel down when you are deficient in vitamin C. You can increase your vitamin C intake by drinking orange juice, taking supplements, and eating citrus fruits.

6. Socialise with friends and family

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You’re more likely to feel happier when you’re interacting with other people. Today you could chat with your neighbour, catch up with an old friend or even visit a family member to boost your mood.

7. Eat good, healthy foods

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Your diet plays a big part in your emotions. Eating dark-green leafy vegetables, also known as charts in folate, could improve your mood. If you’re not feeling the January health kick, why not eat your favourite food to raise a smile?

8. Fill up your diary with exciting activities

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It’s easier to get through tough times when we have things to look forward to. Plan to dine in a restaurant, indulge in a relaxing bubble bath or even book a fitness class. You may feel prepared to beat Blue Monday but fill up your calendar to enjoy every other day, after today.

Words by Patience Ssebuwufu