LaidBack Friday Day Two: An Extra 20% off Cashmere Chic

ICYMI, we’re doing Black Friday a little differently this year. With one week of unmissable deals, (8-12th November to be precise), we’re giving you extra savings across clothing, homeware, beauty and more – basically all of your favourite things. Each day we’ll present a new deal, all we need you to do is click back, relax, and get shopping….

For today’s deal, you’ll be able to get an extra 20% off our cashmere collections, bringing a whole lot of luxury for less to your winter wardrobes. Confused about the quality of cashmere? This is why you need to add some to your wardrobe…

The Benefits of Cashmere Over Wool: Find Your Perfect Knit this Winter

benefits of cashmere
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With approximately five minutes of light per day (winter is coming, guys), jumper season has well and truly arrived – and frankly, we’re here for it. Want to level up your favourite knit? Invest in some quality cashmere for a seriously soft, luxurious addition to your wardrobe. Be it a cosy cashmere sweater, cashmere gloves, or cashmere accessories, here are the reasons why a head-to-toe cashmere look is the only option for your knitwear both this season and beyond.

benefits of cashmere
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The benefits of cashmere

It’s super soft

If you’re wondering what it is that makes cashmere so much more expensive than other wools, its softness plays a part in its price point. If you didn’t know, cashmere is crafted from goats wool – they have one layer of thick wiry guard hair, and the under layer which creates the soft cashmere we know so well. It can only be collected in certain temperatures and it takes at least 3 goats to create one jumper.

…and exceptionally warm

Did you know that cashmere is up to 8 times more insulating than regular wool? That’s what makes it ideal for sporting throughout bonfire night, Christmas markets and other cold weather events.

Great when on-the-go

Constantly packing and unpacking your suitcase for weekend getaways or visits to friends? A cashmere knit should definitely be part of your capsule wardrobe. It never wrinkles, isn’t bulky (a cardinal sin of many jumpers), and is lightweight, saving much-needed space for even more clothing.

No. Eleven Grey Cashmere Luxe Hoodie – £129

No. Eleven Grey Cashmere Luxe Joggers – £129

No. Eleven Oatmeal Cashmere Blend Jumpsuit – £99

Cashmere is hypoallergenic

Ever had a jumper that looks seriously soft, yet when you put it on the itchiness is almost distracting? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, cashmere is hypoallergenic (perfect for us with sensitive skin!), this means no nasty rashes or allergic reactions.

A long lasting investment

If you’re trying to shop more consciously, cashmere is a great addition to your wardrobe. When well cared for, it can last a lifetime, and if you look to investing in a neutral, classic colour and shape, it’s a piece that will never go out of style.

No. Eleven Cream Cashmere Blend Longline Cardigan – £79

No. Eleven Red Cashmere Blend Funnel Neck Jumper – £99

No. Eleven Grey Cashmere V Neck Jumper – £139

Breathable cashmere

Whilst we’ve mentioned that cashmere keeps you ultra-warm, worry not about overheating – as cashmere still allows your body to breathe and regulates your body temperature. Because of its high moisture content, when humidity in the air changes, so does its insulation. You can wear cashmere in all climates comfortably (hence its versatility) The fibres attract sweat away from body – so worry not about overheating on your busy commute.

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Words: Maria Loizou