Blink Brow Bar Product Review

It’s safe to say that we’re all probably guilty of a botched brow over the years. From the ‘barely there’ (what were we thinking) phase, to the far more audacious ‘scouse brow’, there have been some serious beauty blunders. Yet as our brow-mance continues to flourish we’ve become well versed in the art of tweezing, threading, plucking and pencilling thanks to pioneers in the field like Vanita Parti and her revolutionary Blink Brow Bar.

Opened in 2004, Blink Brow Bar became a revolutionary walk-in service, bringing the ancient Indian technique of threading into the 21st century. Accommodating the professional working woman’s busy schedule, the service was quick, efficient and seamless.

Fourteen years on and a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her efforts in beauty and charity work, Vanita’s brow bars can be found in the some of the top department stores in the UK and New York alongside a range of sleek products that have been helpfully put to the test…

Brow Powder

When time is not on your side but those unruly sparse brows don’t lie, this Brow Powder is a gift from the gods! The sturdy in-built applicator of this powder pot made it a saviour for on-the-go application and the matte finish left a natural day brow that required minimal blending.

Brow Sculpt

Much like a lightweight foundation, the smooth wax texture of Brow Sculpt made it the perfect buildable product for when you desire a stronger look. Applied with the firm bristled Brow Sculptor tool it dried quickly and the thicker consistency meant next to no smudging and serious staying power!

Brow Build

For someone with patchy eyebrows the Brow Build was a quick and easy way to fill those unwanted gaps. The innovative mascara brush was the perfect tool to ensure even application of the creamy, gel consistency in quite literally seconds. Not too heavy and not too light this product is the Goldilocks of the brow world!

Top Coat

As a brow pencil user it often only takes a slight slip when readjusting my glasses for said pencilled brows to be a smudged mess on my forehead. So the Blink Brow Bar Top Coat has, and continues to be, the answer to my prayers! Simply sweep this sweatproof gel over your finished makeup for indestructible brows that will last long into the night.

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