Beauty Resolutions by our favourite Bloggers + Competition!

We’re all in the stage of grumbling at our gym kits from across the room today. In fact, 3 in 4 Brits* already admit they can no longer be confident they will stick to their New Year’s Resolutions come January 10th.

* Based on 3,000 British adults surveyed by

In our opinion, this has everything to do with the actual attainability of our typical resolutions. The typical promises – “I will go from couch potato to gym bunny!” and “I will give up chocolate!” (but why?!) – are never as easy to achieve as they seem on January 1st.

Why not hit the reset button and set a few goals that you’ll actually enjoy?

To help, a few of our favourite bloggers have decided to share their beauty resolutions with us as inspiration. No 5am training sessions or deprivation involved – hooray!


Sophie Hannah Richardson has shared that her “[…] beauty resolution is to be more creative when applying eye make-up for nights out. I tend to stick to using my Naked 2 Palette and going dark. I’d love to test the water in using some colour,” and plans to spend her spare time practicing different eye looks ready for her nights out, continuing to add inspiration to her Pinterest board for guidance.

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On the other hand, Hannah Louise says “my beauty resolution is to work on ‘less is more’. I have a very safe go-to face with a full coverage foundation and I use similar products each time I apply makeup, just with a change of eyeshadow or lip colour, but I want to perfect a more natural make-up look as I find this a lot trickier at the moment.  I’m going to invest in some new products and do some YouTube research to find some looks I like.”

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But while some of us feel like we need a new arsenal, many of us, like Chyaz Samuel, would feel better with a good, old-fashioned clearout! She says her beauty resolution is “to stop hoarding old make up! It’s really easy to get attached to favourite products, particularly if they’ve since been discontinued, but it’s a terrible beauty habit to get into. Ultimately, make up expires, and that holy grail mascara suddenly seems less appealing when you think about all of the bacteria it’s harbouring!”

Chyaz’s advice on beating the bad habit? “Sit down with your make-up bags and get ruthless! If it’s old, gathering dust or unopened, either throw it away or, if it’s unused and in date, pass it over to a friend or family member. If it’s been sitting at the bottom of your beauty box for months (or maybe even years) unloved, it’s unlikely you’re going to pick it over your newer purchases anyway, so get hygienic and get rid!”

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On a similarly healthy – but realistic! – note, Lilla Goatcher shared her own goal; “my beauty resolution is to drink more water to help my skin look hydrated and bright. They say that you should have two litres of water a day so that is my goal. I think the best way to stick to it is to get a one-litre reusable bottle of water and keep it with you. Fill it up in the morning and once in the afternoon. You can also set yourself reminders on your phone to make sure that you are on track. Or get a water buddy at work and take turns in topping up both your waters once you are finished.”

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What savvy little superbabes!


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