Cashmere: Style Tips & TLC with Scott & Scott

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Cashmere is a luxury wardrobe indulgence, and that’s why it’s so important to give your cashmere the TLC it deserves.

To find out exactly how to look after it, we called upon Scott & Scott London for their Do’s and Don’ts, and – despite what you may think – their garments are all machine washable.

We’re also giving you the lowdown on what’s trending in the world of dreamy sweaters and layers to lust after.

Scott & Scott’s Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wash your Scott and Scott cashmere at 30°C
  • Dry your piece flat
  • Steam your cashmere once it’s dry, then fold to store
  • Use non-biological detergent


  • Hang the garment when drying
  • Use biological detergent


  • To minimise the effect of pilling we advise you to wash your Scott & Scott garment after each initial wear. This will remove the loose, short-length fibre that may cause surface pilling if the garment is not washed regularly.
  • Cashmere should be stored away in a warm, dry place when not being worn. We recommend storing in a garment bag to keep away any bugs or moths that think they have found a warm bed for the night. We also recommend not hanging your cashmere so it doesn’t lose its shape.

What is pilling?

Pilling are those tiny balls of fluff that build up over time. It’s actually the cashmere fibres naturally shedding (caused by wearing, not washing), and is not a sign of inferior quality. By purchasing the longest fibres, it reduces the risk of pilling, though there is only so much we can do. Over time the pilling will reduce and your garment will look flawless for longer.


This AW16 we see the 70’s stalwart Turtle Neck take the limelight for cashmere, whether its cable knit or fine knit, it ticks all the boxes. Opt for earthy or neutral tones for a timeless purchase.

The fail-safe Crew-Neck is a total no-brainer. This year we see it paired with sumptuous silks and flowing dresses.

With loungewear sneaking its way into even the most un-sporty of wardrobes, cashmere is the perfect solution for the remaining few that are reluctant to convert. We promise, once you slip into a pair of joggers, you’ll be reluctant to take them off.

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