How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

gallery wall Source: Pinterest

Wanting to upgrade your space without the maintenance of getting decorators in, or looking to bring a contemporary upgrade to your lounge or bedrooms? When it comes to inspiration, magazines, Instagram and Pinterest boards all have one thing in common: a gallery wall.

Over the last few years, having a gallery wall – a collection of framed prints and pieces of art arranged in one place –  has become a popular way to showcase personality, interior design and creativity, whilst adding character and depth to your walls (without a complete redesign)!

If you’re keen to create one of your own, here’s the most important things to consider to ensure you successfully create your desired aesthetic…

Find your inspiration

from magazines, Pinterest and Instagram

Before you start to think about where you want your gallery wall to take centre stage, it’s time to consider exactly what kind of look you want to replicate. Browse magazines and social media to garner inspiration. You could even follow a hashtag such as #gallerywalldecor on Instagram to get ideas over time.


If you already have a space in mind, you could try searching for specific terms such as “gallery wall downstairs bathroom” or “gallery wall wooden floors” to see how others have decorated specific spaces.

Gallery wall
Source: Pinterest

Create a theme

Firstly, think about what you would like the images on your wall to be around. Adore all things botanical? A fan of fashion and footwear? Or, you may be into the contemporary trend of graphic art and slogans. With a gallery wall being so personal, ensure it’s something that encapsulates both you and your interests.

Find a starting point

Once you’ve gotten some inspiration and selected your chosen theme, decide on your favourite print, framed image or even a mirror to place at the centre of the gallery wall. It’s much easier to work outwards and add to a starting point.

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Planning is key. Why not craft a flat plan of your first few images and trial a few different arrangements? That way, before you nail the walls, you’ll know what does or doesn’t work. Alternatively, you can use wall adhesive and velcro to tape your images to the wall – which is perfect for those renting properties who don’t want to lose their deposits. 

Try these:

Jay Nottingham Windy Ridge – £28

Summer Thornton Swiss Cheese Plant – £28

Ilona Drew Eiffel Tower At Night – £35

Choose a colour scheme

Monochome, pink or multicoloured? There are no dos and don’ts when it comes to the colour scheme, in fact the more mixed and jumbled the colours of the prints – the better.

An eclectic collection of prints makes for a fabulous focal point, particularly in living areas such as the sitting room or bedroom.

If you’re going for simple and minimalist, matching frames compliment monochrome prints.

Opt for a clever arrangement

If you have furniture surrounding the wall, make sure you have at least eight inches of space between it and your frames. This will stop your room from looking cluttered and draw the eye to equal interest points.

If you have a big space to work with, consider a large feature piece. Remember – frames of varying shapes and sizes look super chic. Plus, embracing a mismatching placing will add further interest to your wall. There’s no need to be super precise.

Consider it as a moving piece

With the levels of creativity that go into building a gallery wall, there’s no doubt you’ll eventually get bored of the positioning. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, keep your eyes out for new, complimentary pieces of art which can enhance and develop your design.

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Words: Sherri Andrew & Maria Loizou