What We’re Eating This Week: 5 Simple Spaghetti Meals

Slut's spaghetti Nigella Lawson Source: Nigella.com

There’s nothing like digging into a comforting bowl of pasta after a long day at work. While pasta often gets a bad rep from the Carb Police (you know who you are), with the right ingredients it makes a filling and nutritious meal.

This week, it’s all about spaghetti.

Fresh, simple and super easy to cook, we’ve chosen five spaghetti recipes we’ll be making this week for a quick no-fuss supper.

Head down to your local supermarket, stock up on some fresh ingredients and try a new spaghetti recipe that’s both simple and delicious. Here’s what we’ll be eating:cacio e pepe with arugula and lemon spaghetti recipe

Cacio e pepe with arugula and lemon

This super quick recipe from Half Baked Harvest makes the perfect supper for alfresco dining in the summer. Invite your friends round, open the vino, dish up the cacio e pepe spaghetti and serve with lashings of fresh basil.

The only thing left to decide is who’s for seconds?

Vegan meatballs with marinara sauce

Vegan Meatballs with Marinara Sauce

Start your week right with these tasty plant-based meatballs for Meat Free Monday. With an abundance of vegan recipes to choose from Cupful of Kale’s recipes are fail-safe and, more importantly, delicious.

Packed with protein, lentil and mushroom meatballs make a great meat substitute and can be whipped up the night before to save time. Serve with parmesan add, of course, spaghetti.

Slut's spaghetti Nigella Lawson

Slut’s Spaghetti 

Nigella Lawson’s famous spaghetti recipe is as spicy as it sounds. Well, as spicy as you like really. As ever, the domestic goddess favours flavours from the Mediterranean – think olives, anchovies and copious amounts of garlic.

As a quick midweek meal, we can’t think of anything better than a hearty bowl of pasta to get you through to the weekend. Follow with a signature Nigella pud and you’ve got yourself a pretty dreamy meal.

Chilli King Prawn Spaghetti, hello fresh recipe

Chilli King Prawn Spaghetti

HelloFresh was designed to make life simple. This king prawn spaghetti dish is a firm favourite with fish lovers and makes a healthy lunch or dinner.

When it comes to pasta, simple, fresh flavours are best. Prepare the dish in under 30 minutes and the juicy prawns and tangy sun-dried tomatoes will transport you to the Mediterranean sunshine. Buon appetito!

Easy homemade presto spaghetti recipe

Easy Homemade Pesto with Spaghetti

Once you’ve tried this fresh pesto recipe, shop-bought pesto will never be the same again! Make a large batch and store it in the fridge for up to five days or freeze the rest and have fresh pesto whenever you need a quick midweek meal.

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, adapt with other veggie variations such as parsley, mint, kale or broccoli – one for each night of the week!

Words: Sherri Andrew