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Since its birth way back in 1870, denim has become a huge part of everyday life. Jeans were first designed by the legendary Levi Strauss for gold miners, due to their strong, durable nature and affordability. Denim was then adopted as workwear for a whole host of professions, from Military personnel to Western cowboys, before being embraced by 1950s Hollywood and becoming a symbol of the 60s hippie revolution. No one can forget its mark on 90s & noughties pop culture, either – remember the double-denim Brit & Justin moment? Iconic.

Nowadays, denim seems to be the sole fabric we’ll wear for every occasion, no matter if it’s blue skies, pouring rain or icy cold. Holiday coming up? Pack your trusty denim shorts. BNO? Can’t go wrong with jeans and a nice top. Feeling the chill? Throw on your favourite denim jacket (we like ours lined with Sherpa).

One thing we will say about denim, though, is that with all the cuts, fits & washes available, shopping for jeans can be somewhat overwhelming. With an understanding that not everyone knows their moms from their bootcuts, we’ve compiled The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Jeans. Read the below to better understand what each fit actually means, and in the process, find yourself a new favourite pair.

Straight Fit

Straight fit jeans offer a consistent width from the thigh down to the ankle – no flares, no tapering, just a clean straight line. Where it gets a little confusing is that straight jeans can be a slimmer or looser cut, so make sure to look out for that on the label. Straight jeans are a hero silhouette that present comfort, practicality and the ability to pair well with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Slim Fit

Slim jeans fit a little more snug. They have a narrow opening through the leg, yet aren’t too clingy – they’ll still leave you with some wiggle room. This style can be very flattering on the bum, offering a similar cut to straight, but slightly more figure-hugging.

Skinny Fit

The old-ye-faithful skinny jean is cut much tighter to the body. If this makes you concerned for how comfortable you’ll be, you needn’t worry – skinny jeans are usually made with extra elastane for a flexible fit. This style is great for elongating the leg, particularly when worn with a heel.

Slouch Fit

Also referred to as “baggy” or “relaxed”, the slouch fit slings low on the hips with a loose fit through the legs. The ultimate “off-duty denim”, this style embodies effortless cool with a cropped tee and sneakers.

Flared Fit

A 60s icon, flared jeans tend to have a slimmer structure at the thigh, widening as they move from the knee to the ankle. This shape also gives the impression of a longer leg – we see you, petite girlies.

Wide Leg

Wide-leg jeans also flare, but a little differently. Rather than flaring at the knee, they start getting wider from the waist, resulting in a structured loose fit. We love wearing ours on dressy occasions, alongside a floaty blouse (tucked in, of course) and a pair of statement heels.


Bootcut jeans are another flarey pair, however, they’re a little less dramatic and tend to widen softly at the ankle. This shape is known to hug the bum and hips while elongating the leg. An all-round winner, really.

Mom Fit

Mom jeans first came about in the late 80s/early 90s, but made a comeback in the 2010s. High waisted, tapered and generous hips around the hips, they’re perfect for defining an hourglass silhouette, while looking effortlessly casual in the process.

You can view more popular jean fits here.

Article by Hannah Wright

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