How to Get Your Spare Room Guest Ready

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Hosting guests? Plan ahead to ensure your spare room looks as premium and inviting as possible, so you’re free to relax and enjoy their company.  Unsure where to start? Here are our simple, subtle-yet-considered guest room updates that are sure to transform any spare room into a space that could compete with a five star hotel…

Invest in new bedding

Don’t reserve your unwanted, old sheets for guests, instead treat them to something new that will showcase an extra effort – and create an Instagrammable sleep set up. If you’re looking for something exceptionally premium (perhaps the mother-in-law is visiting…) we suggest high-thread-count bedding from Hotel Living, which offers complete luxury and is sure to bring the boutique hotel experience into your home. Combine with a fabulously soft mattress topper, fluffy new duvet and complete with some plush pillows to ensure your guests have a dreamy night’s sleep.

Inviting aromas

guest room updates
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Effortlessly create a welcoming ambience in your guest space with a scented candle or diffuser. In the interest of getting in the Christmas spirit, you may even consider introducing a festive fragrance for a seasonal sense of spirit.

Treat them to their own toiletries

As a thoughtfully considered extra touch (and perhaps an early Christmas present), why not indulge your loved ones with their very own travel set of toiletries? Adding a soap, shower gel, toothbrush and shampoo into your spare room is a low-cost yet generous way to welcome guests into your home – especially when contained in a toiletry bag for a stylish finish.

Brighten up the room with fresh florals

Guest room updates
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There’s nothing like a bright set of blooms or a plant to instantly make a room really feel like home. If you’d prefer to avoid the maintenance and cost of regularly buying flowers, you can instead fake it with a faux alternative. That way, you only need to buy your fleurs once, and enjoy the benefits forever.

Declutter the guest room

If your spare room has become a storage room for odds and ends, then now is the time to declutter and deep clean. Make a trip to the charity shop, put what you can in cupboards and stash personal items in stylish storage boxes.

Add a bedside lamp for ease

When you’re in someone else’s home, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as when you need to get up in the night, only to not remember where the light switch is. The easiest remedy? A beautiful, functional bedside lamp. Dependent on how coordinated you want your space to look, you could buy two identical offerings, or one each for a more shabby chic effect.

Treat them to their own towels

guest room updates
Source: Pexels

When packing for a weekend away, it’s frustrating to have to bring your own towels – especially when they take up so much room. Instead, be sure to provide towels for your guests, and soft ones at that. We adore Sheridan for their consistent, high quality yet still chic offerings.

Get connected

If there’s one thing you can guarantee your guests will seek out shortly after arrival, it’s the Wi-Fi code. For a sweet (and effortless) touch, you can choose to have it ready and waiting in the guest room upon arrival. You may even wish to frame the code to complement the room scheme – ideal if you have plenty of plans ahead to host even more friends and family.

Words: Sophie Green & Maria Loizou (Updated November 2021)