Lucy from @Greychurchhome Reveals Her Top 5 Tips to Get Your Home Looking Its Best for Your Guests

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Lucy @greychurchhome home interior inspo

Lucy, from the popular interior account @GreyChurchHome, has been sharing her journey on her home design Instagram for the last year. It all started when she bought her first property in Manchester (a gorgeous converted church) with her partner Karl back in 2018.

Since then she’s taken her followers in and around her home, sharing the ups and downs and the do’s and accidental don’ts when it comes to interior design.

With her wealth of experience and the holiday season well and truly approaching, Lucy has kindly offered to share with us her top five tips on getting your home ready for guests…

Invite guests into a sparkling home

“My first tip is to have a good thorough clean, especially in the rooms your guests will be staying (shove everything in ‘the cupboard no one opens’ – we all have one!) My favourite cleaning product range is ‘Method’. Team it with the ‘Minky’ cloth/sponge and it will make your life so much easier!

Once your house is sparkling clean, clear the room out of any excess personal items and make sure you have some drawers free for your guests. Lastly, don’t forget to add the finishing touches, like some scented candles or a diffuser, my favourites are relaxing scents such as bergamot or lavender!”

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Add a festive poinsettia

“Keep it festive and add a fresh poinsettia to brighten up the room! Whenever I see a poinsettia it reminds me of Christmas and makes me feel all cosy, so it’s a fab addition to your home styling, especially during the festive period! Remember that poinsettias don’t need a lot of water so keep a close eye on them to ensure you don’t overfeed them.”@greychurchhome grey bedroom how to prepare for guests

Invest in quality bed linen

“Always have fresh bedding ready for your guests. Why not go the extra mile and give your sheets and duvet cover the five-star treatment by giving them a good iron to create that crisp, finished look. My favourite bedding is 800TC,  it is so, so, luxurious, irons well and makes me never want to get up in the morning! Finish the bed off with a cosy throw, they always make your guests feel more at home.”

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Provide fresh towels

“A brand new fresh set of towels is a must! And easily achieve that ‘hotel vibe’. I lay these out on the bed, folded for guests when they first arrive! Not sure how to fold like a pro? Follow this link!”

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Add the finishing touches

“Add the finishing touches to your guest bathrooms with miniature toiletries – pick a few key items such as shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. If you have a glass container, fill it up with a few bits and bobs, such as cotton pads, cotton buds or hair ties.” 

Keep it stress-free

“Last but not least… (I thought I’d throw in an extra tip for good luck) don’t worry too much, try to keep hosting as stress-free as possible! Having guests to stay can sometimes be daunting but the main thing to remember is to have fun – get the board games at the ready! My family favourites are Monopoly, Scrabble and Game of Charades! And don’t forget to stock your cupboards with your guests’ favourite foods and drinks, then you really can’t go wrong!”

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Words: Lucy @GreyChurchHome