How to Make Your Hair Longer (And Healthier) in 2021

Raise your hand if you’re missing your trips to the salon? Us too. With no clear idea on when our next trip to the hairdresser may be, it’s more important than ever to protect our locks between treatments.

If you’re using this time as the perfect opportunity to grow your hair longer, you need to make sure you’re doing all the right things. Otherwise, upon your next trip to the salon, you may end up getting more cut off than you’ve bargained for. From diet to bedtime essentials, here’s BrandAlley’s guide to garnering the most luscious (and stylish) locks – all from the comfort of your own home.

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A healthy scalp = healthy hair

It’s important to keep your scalp as healthy as possible, because the flakier your scalp, the more you hair will struggle to grow.

Regular shampooing (around two-three times a week) should keep things at bay, this removes dead skin cells, sweat, environmental pollution and oils which accumulate on the surface. Whilst shampooing, really lather up the product and give your head a good clean, it’s not only good for your hair but it’s also pretty relaxing too.

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A good diet makes all the difference

Who knew what you ate could impact hair growth? Not us. So, if your first thought of the day is always what you’re planning to eat, luckily this can benefit your dreams of longer hair.

To aid hair growth, your diet needs to include lots of protein and complex carbs. Make fish, eggs, lean meat, pulses and quinoa, as well as brown rice, whole-wheat toast or oatmeal a regular addition to your meals. And, you can introduce some vitamin supplements into your routine also, Vitamin C and Vitamin D is exceptionally vital for healthy hair.

Try to avoid hair breakage

Enhancing the quality of your strands guarantees longer hair. A great place to start? Utilising a pre shampoo hair treatment. Over time, this improves elasticity and the strength of your hair – giving it a fuller body overall.

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No matter how stylish tight ponytails may look, they aren’t always great for your hair either. The pressure on your locks can also cause breakage, so try to tie up your hair in a looser style where possible.

Don’t bleach your hair

Whilst your dream hair colour may only seem attainable when using bleach, it won’t do your hair growth, so try to sacrifice the hair dye when aspiring for longer hair.

Over lockdown, could you fall back in love with your natural hair colour again? After all, none of us are in control of our roots right now…

If your bleached locks are in need of a little TLC, treat yourself to a hair serum, and add it to your daily routine. We love this one from Grow Gorgeous, and the investment in healthy hair is well worth making.

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Brush your hair before bed

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We know these long cold evenings can make your bed look extra-tempting, but be sure to incorporate brushing your hair into your night-time routine. Doing this redistributes the hair’s natural oil, which keeps your scalp moisturised – and therefore healthier.

Tip: To get the best out of brushing your hair, start from the bottom then work your way up to avoid aggravating your roots.

Don’t make your showers too hot

As much as a long hot shower seems like the perfect remedy to these chilly times, unfortunately it does little good for both your skincare and your hair. Try to keep the temperature down next time, it’ll help to combat breakage and the texture of your locks.

Turn the heat off

When it comes to your haircare, you’ll have heard time and time again how important it is to keep the straighteners switched off. Sadly, this will always be the case, so whilst it’s important to use heat protector, try and cut down the amount you do use heat on your hair when trying to grow it longer.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

Cocoonzzz Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – £39

The positives of a silk pillowcase are endless, but it’s especially great to use when growing or looking after your hair. Not only does a silk pillowcase keep your hair from drying out, less friction also means it’s less likely to get irritated and damaged.

Words: Maria Loizou