In Conversation With: Sargossa

Finding the perfect pair of high heels that are as comfortable as they are stylish is a near-impossible task. We’ve all been caught with a pair of stilettoes slung over our shoulders after a painful night out wearing shoes that looked great, but felt terrible. But in 2014, Nanna Liv came to the rescue of women around the world after founding her innovative, erigonomic footwear brand, Sargossa. And it completely changed the game.

To celebrate our brand new Sargossa sale at BrandAlley, we caught up with Nanna to find out about her inspiration behind the brand, the secret to its success and what really makes a comfortable pair of heels…

Nanna Liv, Sargossa founder
Nanna Liv, founder of Sargossa

We’d love to hear about how the Sargossa brand became a reality. Could you tell us the story of how it all started?

Nanna: I was forever in pain when wearing high heels and no insoles seemed to help. I asked what my girlfriends would do to stay comfortable in heels through a whole day of work, and they just told me to change between different pairs and live with the pain. “Honestly, why do we have to put up with this?” I had enough and wanted to find a solution, so I decided to dedicate two and a half years learning all about feet and shoes, and in 2014, I launched Sargossa.

How do you set your shoes apart from other brands?

Nanna: We are making healthier stilettos that actually make you feel stabilised and comfortable. We have calculated the optimal heel height and drop from heel to toe to make the heel and slope much more supportive and healthier for your body, all topped off with a super soft a shock-absorbing insole. In 2018, we got our patent for our innovative way of crafting Sargossa shoes!

Who or what inspires you?

Nanna: I am predominately inspired by architecture and all the impressions I get living in a city as big, diverse and busy as London.

Sargossa suede heels

Who is the Sargossa customer?

Nanna: She is you and I, she is the woman who had enough of having to choose between comfort or style.

What advice can you give to BrandAlley customers on choosing the perfect pair of heels?

Nanna: Ensure you always buy your shoes big enough. When the feet get warm, they can expand with 0.5cm, and you therefore need a little bit of extra room for them to breathe in. Unfortunately, it’s not like jeans where you can suck in your tummy to get it on as the wrong size can cause so much pain and health issues! So, if you are in-between sizes, I highly recommend going up and opting for the bigger size.

Secondly, ensure the shoes are made of high-quality materials such as real leather. The softer the leather, the more it can expand and fit around your feet. One of the best skins is calf leather, it’s butter-soft and is extremely good in expanding perfectly around the feet, which is why we decided to use calf leather for our heels as well.Sargossa black heels

What has been your most popular shoe style?

Nanna: ‘Inspire’, one of our classics with a peep-toe and cut-outs on its upper. This model was featured at the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition – ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’. If I can say two, I would add the model ‘Redefined’, it’s definitely a confident, ultra-feminine pair. This was worn by actress Helen Mirren on several occasions, so it’s a celebrity-approved favourite.

As a successful entrepreneur, what advice would you give to budding fashionistas looking to break into the industry?

Nanna: Make sure you know exactly what your brand is and isn’t. Be very clear on who you want to serve with your product or service. Do not give up when you face challenges, as this is a part of the journey, and it’s most likely a sign of something, maybe that you need to change your focus or adjust your offering.

Sargossa back boots

What’s next for Sargossa?

Nanna: We are launching a wider range of stilettos this year and have a lot of exciting projects with sustainability at the centre, such as minimising water usage in our production. We have also just introduced a more organic, eco-friendly way of tanning the leather lining inside all our shoes, which is much better for the environment, but most importantly, your skin.

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