Investment Pieces Care: How to Make Designer Purchases Last Forever

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Making an investment in a designer handbag, piece of clothing or luxury shoes is always an exciting moment. Often they become staple pieces in the wardrobe that can be turned to time and time again. However, it’s always important to consider investment pieces care; keeping your products looking new, and ensuring they truly hold a forever place in the wardrobe.

Whilst luxury items do provide longevity of purchase, you need to make sure you’re taking care of them correctly to get the most use.

Designer Handbag Care

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  • You can always count on your luxury handbags to be beautifully presented, so make sure you’re putting them away with the same amount of effort. Always put them back in their dustbags, and if possible keep them stuffed so they always retain their shape.
  • Did you know that the silica bag that comes with your handbags should always be kept? It absorbs excess moisture in the air and stops your bag getting mouldy – especially useful during the hot seasons.
  • Try to avoid keeping your bag on the floor. Fortunately, many handbags have protective studs at the bottom for protective purposes. If not, a key investment pieces care purchase is a portable handbag table hook you can fit onto the table to hang your handbag on.
  • Be sure to include a make up bag/pouch – Letting your beauty essentials run loose in your handbag can damage the lining and negatively affect the value of your piece. Protecting your extras not only keeps things organised, but avoids nasty stains appearing in the lining.
  • If you feel like there’s nothing you can do, visit a handbag clinic. Yes, they really do exist. Handbag clinics can restore your bag to its original quality and provide some much-needed TLC on your well-loved handbag.

Designer Clothing Care

  • Always follow the care label instructions – it may sound straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how many people ruin their favourite pieces due to simply not following the correct care information. If it says it’s to be dry cleaned, don’t just do it at home, save up a few pieces that need to be cleaned there and take a single trip (you could even try to negotiate a discount…)
  • Make friends with your local tailor. If you’re spending a little more on investment clothing, you can count on them for longevity of wear. However, if something happens to your beloved piece of clothing, don’t just toss it out, instead take it to be repaired at your nearest tailor. They’ll be sure to breathe a new lease of life into your favourite pieces.
  • If a clothing fix seems too small for a visit to the tailors, you can simply learn how to sew. It doesn’t take an expert to fix a small tear, or some at-home sewing can prove a temporary saviour to emergency problems. Treat yourself to a mini sewing kit – you’ll have no idea how much you’ll learn to rely on it.
  • For pieces such as occasionwear or tailored blazers or suits, keep them protected in a garment bag. Occasion pieces will most likely have specialist washing needs, so keeping them protected is sure to avoid unnecessary additional cost – because we all like saving money.

Designer Footwear Care

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  • When it comes to caring for your footwear, always spray leather shoes with protector upon purchase to protect them from rain, dirt and damage. However, always try a small test patch at first for the possibility that some colours may run.
  • Even if you’re a minimalist, be sure to keep your footwear in shoeboxes whenever you’re not wearing them. You can buy coordinated multipacks from places like IKEA if you’ve got an aesthetic to stick to, but remember, for really premium pairs to keep their value it’s best to hold onto the original boxes.
  • It’s important to reheel and resole your shoes when the sole starts wearing down if you want to keep on wearing them. A trip to the cobblers can offer a quick turnaround, and plenty more years of enjoyment of your favourite pairs of shoes.
  • Utilise a polish and shiner to keep your shoes clean between uses.

Fine Jewellery Care

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  • Keep jewellery out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to avoid discolouration
  • Be careful throughout the time you’re wearing your jewellery. Delicate materials such as cashmere can be damaged if you’re too rough, so be careful and try to put on your jewellery after you’ve got dressed.
  • Similarly, always apply makeup, hairspray and perfume before putting on your jewellery to keep chemicals away.
  • When you’re washing your hands, take a moment to remove your rings. Whilst more time consuming, it’s an investment in prolonging your jewellery’s lifespan.
  • Practise gentle cleaning. It’s simple to do; just utilise warm soapy water and a toothbrush.

Words: Maria Loizou