It’s National Sleepover Day!

Girls sleepover - KoolShooters

If, like us, you spent your teenage years in awe of 90’s American chick flicks on the floor of your best friend’s living room, then this is for you…

One strength the characters within these movies shared was their ability to throw the most fun and elaborate sleepover parties: we’re talking snacks, décor, pamper treats and party games – with matching PJs, of course

We want to show you how easy it is to recreate these scenes you longed for as a teen – so pick your attendees, write your invites and read below for how to curate the ultimate slumber (party)!

1. The Pyjamas

Matching PJs are a must for slumber parties, and satin styles are sure to bring the luxe factor. Laycuna London offer the most stylish sleepwear that pairs perfectly with our Cocoonzzz silk eye masks. Just don’t forget to grab a group photo on the night!

Midnight Navy Silk Satin PJ Set – Laycuna London -£32
Mulberry Silk Eye Mask, Pink – Cocoonzzz -£14
White Dobby Spot Short PJ Set – Laycuna London -£28

2. The Snacks

You’ll want to keep the snacks light at a sleepover, but ensure there’s lots to offer for your guests to nibble on throughout the evening. We’d suggest crisps and dip, popcorn and sweet treats that won’t make too much mess – you’ll thank yourself the morning after! If you fancy taking the easy route, you can never go wrong with PIZZA!

Two girls with pizza – KoolShooters

3. The Pampering

Get the party glowing! Give yourself and your friends an indulgent facial. ESPA’s and ELEMIS’ rejuvenating masks are perfect for a night of beauty and bonding. Leave your skin feeling instantly tightened, refreshed and radiant.

Tri-Active Lift & Firm Mask – ESPA -£29
Targeted Mask Trio Gift Set – ELEMIS -£24

4. The Entertainment

Now for the entertainment. Watching your favourite movies is an obvious one, but if you fancy taking thing up a notch, nothing screams sleepover louder than party games. Board games on deck. Red wine? Check!

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Words by Hannah Wright & Patience Ssebuwufu