Meet The Buyer – Sleeptember Special

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Anyone who has bumped into a sleep-deprived colleague before their coffee on a Monday morning will know what we’re talking about as at one point or another we’ve all been that red-eyed monster!

The virtues of a good night’s sleep have been extolled by doctors for years; associated with lower stress levels, healthy weight management, better cognitive function and a myriad of other health benefits. In a culture where almost half of us are sleep deprived, we are starting to understand how important it is to turn in early and catch those Z’s.

And while the idea of a restorative night’s sleep may seem like a distant dream for most of us, the right bedroom essentials can help even the most long-suffering insomniac slip into a blissful slumber. This month, The Sleep Council have launched their Sleeptember campaign, designed to help all of us achieve a better night’s sleep. To celebrate, we caught up with our sleep-loving, Bedding & Bath buyer, Jade Wright, for her advice on the best designer bedding for a great night’s sleep.

Hi Jade, you’re looking well-rested. Could you let us in on your secret – what bed linen would you recommend and why?

My personal preference when it comes to bed linen is 600 thread count, as it has a nice luxurious handle without being too thick. I tend to choose a sateen finish, as this gives it the sheets a silky, lustrous feel that’s extra soft against the skin. For the winter months, I use my 1000TC set or even brushed cotton, as this is super cosy. In terms of design, you can’t go wrong with white as it gives that peaceful, dreamy feel although I have been known to don a Reindeer duvet cover in December for a festive feel!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit! How about your choice of mattress & topper – is that important?

My mattress is probably due an upgrade soon, but I’m squeezing more life out of it by using the Sealy Balance Mattress Topper. It’s got a dual-layer construction, which makes it extra comfortable and supportive; and it is filled with hypoallergenic Sercia fibres which keep the topper feeling plump. Without the topper, I can feel the springs in my mattress, but with this on it feels brand new. It does make getting out of bed that bit harder though!

What about your duvet– what would you recommend for a great night’s sleep?

My duvet at the moment is a Goose Feather & Down All-Seasons from Snuggledown. It’s ideal because you get duvets with different tog ratings (a measure of its insulating power) so you can adjust it depending on how cool or warm you want your duvet to be.

At the moment, I have a double bed but the dream is to upgrade to a super king size, so I can starfish until my heart’s content. When I do I’d love to spoil myself and upgrade to a 100% down filled duvet as they feel extra soft and light but are super insulative at the same time.

And finally pillows. Which would you advise upon for seriously good slumber?

I like to sleep on my side which means I need a plump pillow to support my head and neck, but I also like that feeling of sinking into a big, squishy pillow. I have found that down surround pillows are perfect for me – they have a core filled with supportive feathers which is surrounded by super-soft down, meaning I get the best of both worlds.

So treat yourself to a better night’s sleep this Sleeptember and take advantage of some of the great designer bed and bath essentials we have on BrandAlley this month. Sweet Dreams!