Paws and Poses: Let’s Talk Puppy Yoga

Giving “Downward Dog” a whole new meaning…

Hi! I’m Daisy, Marketing Assistant at BrandAlley. This past weekend I went to find out what goes on in the world of puppy yoga, an immersive experience that contrasts the relaxing zen of yoga with excitable puppies.

I used Pets Yoga, the ‘original puppy yoga club’, who have been hosting ethical puppy classes in and around London for the past six years. They use both rescue charities and reputable breeders who are looking to immerse their puppies in human socialisation before they go to their forever homes.

The yoga takes place in a cosy and bright studio in the heart of Angel, Islington. Pets Yoga were quick to confirm that they had fully vetted the puppies and their homes beforehand, to ensure that the puppies were healthy and came from safe, loving environments. Every care was taken to put every puppy’s comfort and wellbeing first.

For us humans, puppy yoga can help to reduce stress and anxiety. I mean, who doesn’t love a cuddle from a cute, fluffy puppy? For the pooches, it’s all about building their confidence.

Here’s what happened when I went along…

First of all, this was the PERFECT opportunity for a girly friend date: take your bestie and make a day of it! We arrived, coffee in hand, and were welcomed by the friendly team and led to the changing rooms. We took off our shoes and removed any jewellery that the pups might risk nibbling on. Then we were brought upstairs and introduced to our new yoga partners – in our case, this was 7 nine-week-old brown cavapoos!

The class followed a structured agenda: first, bonding with the puppies, then yoga, followed by playtime, another yoga session, and finally, farewells. I found the class very accessible as a beginner, and any pose was adaptable for all abilities and ages. We started with breathing techniques and moved into poses such as downward dog and child’s pose. The class was by no means high intensity because, as you can imagine, the puppies are a big distraction!

Meanwhile, the pups roamed the room, playing with each other and their toys, occasionally nibbling some toes, climbing on chests, and even chewing ponytails (mine included). They always had access to water, and the team made sure that the puppies were always happy and content, with one hour nap times between each of the four classes that day. These cavapoos were also only yoga buddies for two weekends before each going to their forever homes!

I paid £39 for a one-hour morning session, on a Saturday. While this felt expensive, it was worth it! After the class I did in fact feel invigorated and calmer, and as a bonus, a percentage of the ticket goes towards buying the puppies a new bed and toy for their new home, and wherever possible, Pets Yoga donate a portion of their profits to small pet charities!

Whether you want to mix up your regular yoga classes, just want to chill out with some adorable puppies, or even take advantage of the Instagram picture opportunity, this was a spring day well spent!

You can find Pets Yoga here, or follow them on Instagram @petsyoga.

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Words by Daisy Ginns

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