Why a Pink Bathroom Is Top of Our Interior Wish List

Pink bathroom tiles and free standing sink

Here at BrandAlley, top of our interior wish list is a pink bathroom. Forget the dated 70s style baths and sinks you’ve probably seen in your great aunt’s house. We’re talking chic pink bathroom tiles, magenta fittings and blush cupboards for the ultimate relaxing haven.

Pink is one of those timeless and magical interior colours that’ll be as fabulous in ten years’ time as it is now. So if you’re anything like us, you’ll be heading to your nearest homeware store to choose your perfect Dulux colour.

Millennial pink takeover pending…

Pink bathroom tiles and gold shower fixtures

Pink tiles

The easiest way to add a pop of pink into your bathroom is to retile the walls or floors. Look for tiles that have a distressed finish for a vintage feel, or mix and match the hues for a contemporary vibe.

If you’ve already found your perfect tile, ( congrats, this is no mean feat in our books), find a shade of paint to match. Pink offsets white wonderfully so don’t be afraid to go bold with your choice of colour.

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Pink bathroom cupbaord on black and white flooring, with tiles

Pink bathroom fixtures for the win

For a subtle approach invest in some super chic accents for your bathroom. Pink cabinets, stools and bathroom accessories will add a contemporary boost of colour.

Upcycle your existing furniture and give your fittings a lick of paint for a new lease of life.

Once the basics are sorted accessorise with pink towels and bath mats. Just be prepared when your guests get serious interior envy and ask “ooh where are these from?”

Pink walls with green bathroom tiles and pink marble sink

Pink + green = match made in heaven

In the words of celebrity chef and interior expert Nigella Lawson, “pink and green is a beautiful combination” (or something to that effect) and we couldn’t agree more.

This unusual yet striking combination is a modern and fresh take on the bog-standard bathroom colours. Mirror that of your local trendy Italian restaurant or up-and-coming bar and add in some luxe gold fittings.

A gold mirror and gold lighting will do just the trick…

Pink beauty products on bathroom table, makeup, skincare and

Make beauty the ultimate finishing touch

We’d be lying if we said we’d never bought a beauty product based solely on its pretty packaging. With that in mind, an all-aesthetically-pleasing bathroom isn’t complete without a few chic bottles on show.

After all, what’s the point in spending £30+ on a fancy handwash if you can’t show it off. Display it on a pink tray, trinket dish or against a piece of artwork.

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Words: Sherri Andrew