Rockport – comfort, function and fashion

Who doesn’t love shoes? From comfy and every day to sky scrapers for a special occasion, shoes have a particularly soft spot in our hearts. So when we get a new brand onsite we can’t wait to take a look at the entire selection.

Today, we have Rockport which has everything for stylish trend pieces to the basic must-haves all at up to 60% off!

Rockport was founded in New England in 1971, with the idea of making comfortable, functional and stylish shoes. 40 years later they’ve remained true to their philosophy and the shoes are the most walkable in the industry, stylish and their comfort has not been compromised. Quite simply, they’re those you want to and can walk in. Combining sport technology (they’re a subsidiary of Adidas did you know?) with the finest footwear in all their shoes means Rockport are the industry leaders and ensure they keep people around the world looking and feeling great. They’re the shoes you want to wear.