Six Steps to Self-Love

‘Self love’…the buzz words of the moment. It seems that the whole world has fallen head over heels with the phrase. Yet despite our whirlwind romance do any of us really comprehend the significance of these two simple words?

We’ve nurtured a society in which we often judge and punish ourselves when we should be our own biggest champions. And so if we can’t lavish praise, love and support onto ourselves, how can we ever expect others to?

It’s time to really love what we see, inside and out. Time to become our own biggest fans in order to not only see ourselves in a better light but also the world. So to help you become your own best friend, we’ve compiled a list of six simple steps to self love…

Self Care

Self care can mean something different to everyone so embracing the concept is about discovering what’s right for you and dedicating time within your schedule to honour that. Be it early morning yoga, getting lost in a great book or reorganising your wardrobe, there are no rules. Just do what feels good!


Bringing yourself into the present moment through mindfulness meditation enables you to nurture and adopt a positive inner voice. By understanding yourself on a spiritual level not only will you be able to process negative emotions easier you will also uncover a beautiful sense of inner calm.

Choose Love

Sadly, and more often than not, unconsciously, we approach decision making from a place of fear as the ego and our emotions dictate our actions. Choosing to always come from a place of love will not only improve your own well being but also allow you to accept and understand others in a compassionate way.

Healthy Habits

Food affects the mood, it really is that simple. Therefore making a conscious effort to fuel our bodies with what they need as apposed to what they crave can only lead to positive repercussions on how we love ourselves. Combine your super foods with regular exercise such as yoga or running to really get those endorphins flowing daily.

Follow Your Intuition

An often overlooked aspect of self love is learning to have faith in ourselves fully without judgement. Learning to build up that trust and intuitively listen to our inner compass is key to fulfilment, peace and happiness. On a daily basis ask yourself ‘what do I want?’ then make a conscious effort to honour what your body tells you.

Don’t Compare

Remember nothing compares to you, really. Self worth comes from within and your uniqueness is what makes you, you. Don’t dilute your true self in order to fit the mould and kowtow to the latest Instagram trends. Be unapologetically you, always, and see your peers as loving friends not fierce competition.

Words: Jenna Jones