Skin Pharmacy Giveaway

Skin Pharamcy comp

We’re treating you guys again with yet another giveaway! We have not doubt you’ll want to have a go. And what a better thing to win than skincare? Especially when it’s this collagen set, designed to repair anything that can go wrong with this crazy amount of weather changing. With the winter-spring transition being especially cruel to our fragile skin, this is gonna be the perfect thing for you to get! And even better, you can get the whole set for free! If you win that is….

Collagen Lip Repair

This Lip Repair has been specially designed to enhance anyone’s delicate lips and rejuvenate them back into shape by plumping the skin with hydration to prevent water loss to stimulate the production of the collagen within the product.

Perfect for you if your lips are always cracking and problems of that sort.

Collagen Time Fix Serum

Don’t you ever just wish you could go back in time? Well with this collagen time fix serum that’ll do just the thing for you. With the cream protecting you from environmental stress and damage, it’s perfect if you’re always running around and doing things.

With the addition of vitamin C working to reduce the skin roughness and inflammation leaving your skin feeling untouched and beautiful.

Collage Time Reversing SPF 30 Day Moisturiser

Stimulate the production of collagen in your skin to make it look firmer and plumper for a rejuvenated and more youthful look.

Protecting you from any of the suns rays that can harm your skin this summer. Perfect if you want to enjoy the sun, but also protect your skin as well.

So, we know what you’re thinking right now. How do I win it!?! Well it’s simple, just go to our Facebook and follow the instruction on the post there. Good Luck!