The Ultimate Guide to Winter Self Care

winter self-care

The term ‘self care’ has been thrown around a lot of late. This zeitgeisty phrase which refers to the practice of looking after your mental, emotional and physical health has become the driving ideology of Generation Z-ers, who have traded in the vodka-fuelled nights out enjoyed by their millennial predecessors in favour of 7 pm bedtimes and Kombucha drinks.

The practice of self care seems to encapsulate everything from crystal therapy and shamanic healing to nutrition gurus and yoga retreats. And while it may feel like this lifestyle comes with a hefty price tag – it’s a £500 billion global industry after all – there is a much cheaper yet just as effective way of indulging in a little self care, that starts at home.

So as the cold winter nights draw in, why not turn those lazy evenings in front of the TV into luxury pamper sessions! To help you on your way, we’ve collated some top tips and products from our resident health and beauty experts…

Improve Mental Awareness with Meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to improve your mood and reduce stress, but it can be hard for most of us to switch off. If you find it difficult to quieten your mind, why not try a soothing soak in the bath? This luxurious, aromatic bath oil from Rituals will help you relax and channel your mental focus.

Get Some Rest Already!winter self-care

A restful and restorative night’s sleep is not just great at banishing those dark eye circles, it’s also been proven to provide a myriad of other health benefits. If like us you struggle to drift off, this decadent aromatherapy candle from Parks will help you slip into peaceful slumber.

Hydrate Your Skin

winter self-care

Water is essential to maintain energy levels, improve skin texture and keep your body functioning properly. If your body needs an additional hydration boost, then why not treat your skin to a bit of TLC with this restorative rich cream from bareMinerals.

Engage in Healthy Eating

winter self-care

It’s easy to make unhealthy choices when we are busy and always eating on the go. Make time to prepare your meals for the week on a Sunday with this practical cookbook frame from Zoo & Pulhmann. Your body will thank you for it.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

winter self-care

It sounds simple enough but taking a moment every day to appreciate the world around you can lead to a more positive mindset overall. Keeping a journal and documenting five things every day for which you are grateful can make a huge difference. We are in love with this beautiful stationery set from Yvonne Ellen.

Words: Casey O’Neill

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