What to Buy: Habitat


Habitat have been trailblazers in stunning contemporary homewares since 1964. Championing ‘individual design for individual style’, the Habitat Design Studio seamlessly integrate unique passions and inspirations to create diverse interiors that get people talking, season after season. Fresh, clean cut and forward thinking, there really is nothing quite like a classic Habitat design.

Our latest Habitat haul effortlessly embodies the clean cut modern vibe that homeowners crave at a fraction of the original RRP. From slick copper lamps, to cultured monochrome art work and soft tonal rugs, our pick of the best bits is sure to have you ‘adding to cart’ in no time…

1. Copper Maya Lamps 2. Pink Maeve Vase 3. Atwood Office Chair 4. Tokyo Map Print         5. Brushed Brass Candelabra 6. Mary Vases Tufted Rug 7. Walnut/Copper Poise Lamp            8.  Orange/Purple Glass Vase 9. Morei Round Screw Bolt Mirror
Words: Jenna Jones