LaidBack Friday Shopping @WithAmeliaTaylor


What’s the piece or product category you look out for year-on-year? 

I’m always on the search for some new accessories! I love changing up my look in whatever way I can, and the use of a statement or designer accessory is something that can really take an outfit to the next level.

What is it about discount online shopping that has you coming back time and time again?

The opportunity to purchase the high end and luxe pieces you’ve desired for a lower price – guilty as charged…

Talk us through your morning routine, what are your go-to products?

Every morning I (try to…) wake up at 6am, this is best to not only help my mindset but also my productivity. I start by making a coffee, getting into my gym gear and applying some hydrating face products like a hyaluronic mist and then eye cream. This helps me to wake up.

I then do yoga and a workout or walk – if I have time for both. I make sure to fit in my exercise first thing in the morning otherwise it just won’t get done. I then have a shower with a scrub soap and a facial cleanser.

My current morning skincare routine also consists of a Vitamin C supplement (I do this at the same time as my skincare so I don’t forget), hyaluronic serum, SPF moisturiser and an eye cream. After this, I grab a smoothie and start to get ready!

What’s your essential wardrobe staple?

An oversized blazer – always! 

Who’s your ultimate fashion icon and why?

laidback friday

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – I love how classic her style is and how it can inspire any age.

What must-have pieces will we always find in your handbag?

Lip products, my mini hair brush and a hand sanitiser.

What’s your secret indulgence?

I have a massive sweet tooth! As soon as I’ve opened the packet or taken my first bite I find it hard to stop…

What’s your favourite piece you styled in this campaign and why?

Ooh can I have two? Definitely the Stuart Weitzman 60 city stretch knee high boots, I haven’t taken mine off yet because they are just so flattering and comfortable. I also adore the cream Coach chalk tote, it’s the perfect everyday bag and the craftsmanship is amazing.

Words: Maria Loizou