5 Festive Nails Ideas for this Holiday Season

Everything that is possible to imbue with the joy of Christmas, we will imbue with the joy of Christmas. EVERY. THING. That’s why even our nails are getting the festive treatment.

Here are 5 ways our in-house manicurist Eden has shown us we can go all Yule-tide on our talons. Eden has suggested we all try shellac nails (because they last forever) with a festive twist.

We’ve tried a classic matte red, added glittery sparkles to match your Xmas baubles, and (of course) the nail trend of this season: chrome nails.

Festive Matte Red Nails

Classic pillar box red is wonderful year-round but it takes on an even greater significance at Christmastime. To take it one stop closer to festive territory, Eden has added a small holly print stamp.

Nude Nails with a Touch of Glitter

Everything that glitters may not be gold but everything that is gold glitters. A sprinkling of golden glitter is all a set of almond-shaped nude nails that need to take the leap from ‘everyday’ to ‘jingle all the way.’

White Nails with Silver Glitter

Fairy Dust Silver dusted atop white chrome makes for another simple move from traditional to Christmas-appropriate.

Silver Chrome Nails + Red Nail with Snowflake

Our most boisterous design, this is a look for those of you who bust out the Christmas tunes mid-November. Gorgeous silver chrome combined with a dark red, gold snowflake-adorned ring finger well and truly gets your hands in the festive spirit.

Rose Chrome Nails

The metallic of the decade, rose gold gets a star turn on nails in this covetable look. Hot pink shellac is dusted with chrome tech glitter for a finish with the same sheen as your favourite watch.

Baby Blue Hologram Nails

A relative in the chrome family, hologram nails are just as covetable as their shinier cousin. This glitter-adorned style puts is in mind of unicorns and gift wrap.

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments. Check out more of Eden’s fabulous work here.