Gift Wrap That’s Not Totally Boring

Animal Gift Wrap - Cover

We all know the stresses of trying to gift wrap presents. Nobody wants a special gift to look vanilla, but heck I’m not paying £7 just to wrap one present! If you did want to get a bit more creative with your gift-wrapping skills at home, then we’ve got the perfect read for you.

Put A Bow On It

Ok, well maybe don’t put one on everything. But a bow here and there is at least going to make them think that you’ve gone the extra distance getting something for them when it might have in fact been a last-minute trip to Paperchase. Nevertheless, if you wrap it right, they’re sure to love it. Here’s just a few examples of how to do it right this year: remember, all you need for this is bit of ribbon and a pair of scissors and you can put a bow on anything.

Swingtags, Names and Decorations

Make the gifts you buy for friends and family even more personalised with swingtags, names tags and decorations with your gift wrap. It’ll seem thoughtful, even if it did only take an hour to create. Here’s just a few ideas you can take away for your gift wrapping. Generally speaking, all you need is a pen, cardboard or paper and an artistic hand always helps too.

Make It Fun

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about anyway? Sometimes your gift-wrapping skills don’t have to be on a professional level to look amazing. If you have some time on your hands and enjoy getting creative, you could personalise each wrap to the giftee. This could seem a daunting task, especially with everything else that you have to do during Christmas, but hopefully these gift-wrapping ideas will spark something in you. Our tip? Make it something obviously inspired by the receiver or riff on a personal joke you share with the person!

Here are our creative gift wrapping ideas that you could be doing this year during Christmas! Ditch the pristine white paper and embrace your creative side this Christmas, and if you don’t have anything yet to give, check out some of our sales for some ideas 

Photo Source: Pinterest, Zoella, Kikki-K