LaidBack Friday Shopping with @alex___arnold


This LaidBack Friday, we’ve partnered with some of our favourite influencers to garner inspiration on how to shop our unmissable deals across site through the week 8-12th November. Last up, @alex___arnold.

What’s the piece or type of product you look out for year-on-year?

I’ve had so many nice coats over the years I but somehow always end up losing them, this means I’m always on the lookout for affordable outerwear. 

What is it about discount online shopping that has you coming back?

It’s the quality and standard of the clothes that are on offer.  I know I’m never going to be disappointed with what I’ve chosen. Plus, the convenience of not having to go in store is a bonus. 

What’s your essential wardrobe staple?

I know it’s boring, but that’s nothing quite like a good quality, well fitting T-shirt. 

Whose sense of style do you admire and why?

laidback friday

My dad, aka JJ Arnold. He was a mod back in the day and I love the classic parka which came from this time. We have so many cool photos of him on a trip to New York around 1967, and his style really is timeless. He’s always been a sharp dresser and that era of music and fashion has certainly rubbed off on me.

I also love Keith Moon. He encapsulated a 60’s Britishness of a time and place… Another favourite – I always look forward to seeing what Harry Styles is wearing, and love the way he uses colour and texture to express himself. Plus, Lakeith Stanfield is also one of my favourite actors at the moment because e’s versatile in his work as well as with his style choices. Finally, I also greatly admire Jamie Reid and Vivienne Westwood, mainly because they’re both innovators of the punk aesthetic.

What’s your not-so-secret indulgence?

If this means guilty pleasure, my girlfriend bought me some Ugg boots to wear as slippers. I was very reluctant at first but you can’t deny how comfortable they are and now I wear them every day.

What’s your favourite piece you styled in this campaign and why?

The Lee jeans jacket. It’s perfect for layering at this time of year.