How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in Style

decorate your christmas tree source: pexels

With almost a month to the big day, you probably already have impending plans to put up your Christmas tree. Feel like changing up the style for 2021, or is this the first time you’re decorating a Christmas tree? Largely, how you choose to decorate your Christmas tree is down to you – however there are a few non-negotiables. Here’s our must-consider tips to get you started…

Start off with the tree

It may sound obvious, but when looking to decorate a tree, you need to know exactly what you’re working with. That way, even if you’re limited to a smaller space (London flats, we’re looking at you), you can still achieve the aesthetic you desire.

As well as this, there’s the age old question of artificial vs real? Whilst it’s hard to beat the scent of Christmas tree pine, it can be quite messy and look a little tired at the end of the festive period. If you prefer to fake it, you can look to a tree in the classic green, or try another colour (think pink, silver, or gold).

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Set a theme

For the perfect Insta-ready Christmas tree, you’ll need to coordinate all aspects of your decorations to one theme. Whether it;s catering to one colour, a contemporary styling (i.e. a Scandi theme), or creating a multicoloured maximalist tree loaded with decorations, knowing where to start is vital. Dependent on whether you like to update your collection year on year or prefer to choose picks which stand the test of time, consider that as an additional factor when choosing your theme.

It’s all in the lighting

decorate your christmas tree
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What is a Christmas tree without a hint of sparkle? Next up you’ll need to consider some bright lights to draw attention to your well-decorated design. Again, there’s a range of possibilities, be it a subtle string light in bright white or a warmer yellow.

Or, if you’re in search of a standout piece, you can try something with some additional clip pieces, shaped in hearts or stars, just like these from Christmas magic…

Size matters

For the baubles, thing about the size of your tree and how many different designs you’d like to include. Naturally, if you’re limited to the size of a smaller tree yet still want a considered design you’ll have to invest in petite baubles that don’t overpower the tree. As well as this, once you’re trimming the tree, try to ensure there’s an equal amount of spacing between each bauble so you’re not dealing with one particularly busy area vs a sparse corner.

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Beads, pearls or tinsel?

The debate of to tinsel against whether to not tinsel is an ongoing debacle. However, with modern offerings, you’re no longer constrained to the confetti style offerings that were once the go-to. If you prefer a more subtle option, you can lay beads or pearls across the tree for a sophisticated flourish.

Think about the details

For the most professional-looking tree, it’s fair to say that details matter. One thing that should never be forgotten? Covering up the base of the tree. After all, there’s little point in spending hours fawning over the aesthetic to then have a messy base. You can hide it with a blanket, throw, or even some more tinsel at the bottom to amp up the drama.

Top it off with something fabulous

decorate your christmas tree
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Finally, we get to the pinnacle of tree decorating (literally), the topper. Choosing the perfect one can really take your tree decor to the next level, and is really down to personal choice. Do you want a fun, pop culture reference, or a traditional star? With the topper being the focal point of your tree it’s one you’ll definitely want to put thought into – just ensure that it’s not wonky once you finally add it!

Words: Maria Loizou