The Benefits of Gua Sha In Your Beauty Routine

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One of beauty’s latest crazes, discover the benefits of Gua Sha and how to introduce Gua Sha into your beauty routine.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha comes from traditional Chinese medicine, literally meaning ‘Scrape’ and ‘Sand’. An at-home treatment that you can easily implement as a part of your skincare routine, the purpose of using it on the face is to promote tissue drainage, ease puffiness and provide a refreshed visage.

How do I use my Gua Sha?

Firstly, ensure you’re never using your Gua Sha on bare skin. It’s best to use it with an oil or serum in your beauty routine, or for added ease you can even use it in the shower. If you want to get extra benefits, store your Gua Sha in the fridge for the cooling elements.

When it’s time to get started, hold the curved side of the tool to your face, and move it upwards and outwards, never working downwards. Focus on your neck, jawline, chin and around the mouth. Once you’ve done that, hold the Gua Sha flat to the skin, over the eyes or on any redness. If you want to lift your brow bone, you can also move the Gua Sha in short horizontal strokes. Finally, work it down your neck to drain any excess fluid. Seeing any redness is normal, and you should stick to a firm pressure.

What Are the Main Benefits of Gua Sha?

There are many benefits of Gua Sha, but to get the best out of your tool, you should be practising it at least once a day. We recommend using it when you moisturise at the end of the process (but be sure to always clean your Gua Sha properly between uses).

  • Brightens and refreshes complexion: leaving your skin glowing from even the first couple of uses, without having to pay for a full facial.
  • Tones, firms and lifts the skin
  • Helps with inflammation and puffiness: we’ve all woken up with a puffy face in the morning, normally due to the lack of circulation that comes from being in bed all night. Gua Sha reintroduces fluid into the system, making your visage look instantly more angular in a matter of seconds.
  • Minimises fine lines and softens wrinkles
  • Works on reducing blemishes and redness: The two most popular stones for Gua Sha are jade and rose quartz. Rose quartz in particular contains properties that are good for combatting redness (or rosacea), whereas jade is the most traditional and common stone to promote calmness, balance and positivity.
  • Boosts blood circulation: Using your Gua Sha regularly ultimately improves your blood circulation in general. By bringing the blood to the surface from massaging with the tool, it gives you a healthy glow, similar to the one you have after a great exercise session.

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Words: Maria Loizou