How to maintain your sun-kissed glowing skin

You may have spent the last couple of weekends with your feet up as the sun shines down, but how can you ensure your sun-kissed glowing skin won’t fade like the beautiful weather is imminently about to.

Firstly, always protect your skin, come rain or shine this is a must. By making sure you’re wearing a suitable SPF (we advise to always play on the safe side of cautious and opt for 45SPF or more) you are protecting your skin from pollution, age spots, wrinkles and thus ensuring a longer fresher healthy glow. Try to avoid sitting out in the sun for too long, opt for an early morning burst and stay clear of the sun late morning and lunch, as the sun rays are at their strongest.


Before topping up your tan, give your face a little love with a gentle exfoliator. By removing dead skin cells, you will immediately look fresher and add colour to your cheeks.


Keep hydrated and avoid too much salt consumption. Did you know that 15% of your skin is made up of water? By aiming to drink two litres a day, your skin will start to look noticeably better within a week.


Make sure you’re removing your make-up properly, yes, even after a night out on the town! It’s so important to let your skin breathe and remove the dirt that has built up throughout the day.

You are what you eat

Get your vitamin C from your food, pack as much fruit and veg high in vitamin C as you can. Some of the best food sources of vitamin C are blackcurrants, broccoli, guava, grapes, kiwi fruit, strawberries, lemon, papaya and sweet potatoes (who doesn’t love sweet potato fries as a treat).