The Five Reasons You Should Be Shopping Preloved Designer Bags

preloved designer bags

Whether you’ve just taken part in #secondhandseptember, adore all things vintage or are keen to jump into the world of circular fashion, it’s safe to say that preloved designer bags are having a moment right now. Plus, with icons such as Jacinda Arden, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway already investing in vintage pieces, frankly, if you haven’t yet jumped on the trend – you’re missing out. Still on the fence? We think these reasons are good enough to turn you into a convert.

Why should I shop preloved?

preloved designer bags

You’ll find a gem at an exceptional price

Year on year, designer bags, alongside inflation, increase in price. In fact, it’s been said that some designer bags are a better investment than a house! By shopping preloved, you can find the piece of your dreams with a lower, often more affordable price tag.  Plus, at BrandAlley we offer up to an additional 70% off, making ourselves the true style destination for preloved designer bags.

Shop more sustainably

We should all be doing our bit for the planet right now, and by shopping preloved – it’s pretty much a win-win situation. By buying secondhand, we reduce waste, and give these beautiful handbags a second life of being used (as well as no doubt earning you some serious compliments).

Find a rare piece

Many designer handbags have earned their place as iconic, cult favourites (Louis Vuitton Neverfull, I’m looking at you), so finding a preloved offering for less can feel like a real prize. However if you’re not so set on finding a particular piece and wish to shop your favourite labels with an open mind, you could instead find something less common, but equally as chic in the style stakes, as preloved designer sales often include vintage pieces that time forgot.

Enhance your own unique style

The best thing about a rare designer bag? It can help you to curate and elevate your own personal style. Add a modern, unique flourish to your repertoire with a preloved bag, and use it time and time again to mix and match your looks. Like we’ve said, preloved bags opens the opportunity to find a designer delight, and you could even take your newfound love of all things secondhand further, and head to your local charity shop to craft a fully unique thrifted look.

You can count on the condition

A common mistake when it comes to shopping secondhand? That your piece may come damaged, or look ratty. Well, we’re here to dispel that myth. Any retailer that’s worth considering will sell you high quality handbags not only comes with authentication, but also can guarantee and provide detail on the level of its condition. This is often graded by letter, with ‘N’ meaning like new, A being excellent condition, AB very good condition (but perhaps a minor default), and B, good condition, but a visible default. Understandably, the better the condition, the more you may pay for the bag. However, as long as you care for your designer purchase properly, the quality shouldn’t waver too much. If it is still in need of a little TLC, you can purchase an at-home care kit to spruce up your buy.

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Words: Maria Loizou