Ways to Self-Motivate During These Static Times

Let’s be honest; things have been a little weird for a while now, and a lot of us are feeling it at the moment. Whilst January felt to have gone on for approximately ten years, we eventually made our way through it, and some of us even did so without wine (round of applause, please).

Now, as the days get ever so slightly longer and February has finally arrived, we’re continuing the wellness momentum. It may feel hard to self-motivate during Lockdown, but we’re confident that following at least some of these steps will reset your focus.


Set a Routine

Feeling like your days don’t have focus right now? That’s understandable. You’re probably feeling nostalgic for the little things – even if just the daily commute. To combat this, try and add some routine to your WFH lifestyle. You could go for a walk before work to self-motivate yourself to start the day right, or treat yourself to a lunchtime coffee in the nearest park.

Set an alarm for the mornings and always get up and have a shower before work, it doesn’t matter if you’re only sat in your bedroom, you’ll still feel a shift in productivity.

Stay Social

Current regulations may mean we can only meet one of our friends outside for exercise right now, but we can still revive our social lives (even through our laptops). A lack of motivation may leave you feeling like you don’t want to talk to – well, anyone, but it’s important to stay connected, even if its just a one-to-one phone call.

Make Future Plans

From the first bottomless brunch with friends to future holidays, we all have something we’re thinking about doing when lockdown ends. Put those plans into practise, start a group chat and start the arrangements for something you’re all hoping to do, including provisional dates. Worried about disappointments? Be sure to have some backup plans on the agenda.

Treat Yourself

Source: Unsplash/Rishabh Jain

Whilst retail therapy may not be the answer to all of your problems (we know, we’ve tried it), a new purchase can provide a brief pick-me-up. Whether a fancy sandwich from an independent café on your daily walk or a key investment purchase you’ve been coveting for a while, self-gifting is a sure-fire way to lift your mood.

Get Your Steps In

We’re pleased to announce that the days are finally getting longer. Although it’s pretty cold out there, try to resist the urge of staying inside all day, and self-motivate yourself by getting out of the house for some daily exercise. We’ve been putting regular walks into practise over the last couple of weeks, and it’s made a world of difference.

Take Time For You

When was the last time you indulged yourself with some quality me-time? It’s key to take moments for yourself, doing whatever it is that you love the most. Why not read a book or magazine in the morning before getting up for work – it’s a great way to start off your day feeling like you’ve already achieved something.

self-motivate read a magazine
Source: Unsplash/ Feeh Costa

Set Short Term Goals

We’re all prone to setting ideas of grandeur to enhance our wellness. However giving yourself too many expectations all at once can be both overwhelming and even unrealistic. Instead, set yourself weekly, smaller goals. Whether it’s to read a chapter of a book or give up meat for a few days, these small steps will take you on your self-care journey with ease.

Practise Random Acts of Kindness

Whilst they may say ‘there is no such thing as a selfless act’, the feeling of doing something nice for a loved one is always worth that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Send a postcard to a friend, pay for a coffee for the person behind you, or even just smile at a stranger (and hope they can see it behind your mask). These little things could make someone’s day who’s really struggling.

Wear Your Fragrance

If you never used to leave the house without spraying your favourite perfume, why should things change now? Add a spritz of your favourite fragrance to part of your morning routine, the sweet scents will uplift your mood and help to self-motivate with minimal effort.

Want a new signature scent? Try one of the below to freshen things up.

Words: Maria Loizou