Here’s The TV Shows Team BA Watch For Escapism

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We’re well into winter, and what better activity is there to do of an evening than sitting in with some comforting TV shows? Escaping to another (often fictional) world is what’s keeping many of us going in these times. So, whether it’s for a few laughs, becoming a part of a cult following, or even wanting to learn more about a different time, here’s what Team BrandAlley are watching to stay sane during Lockdown 3.0.


tv shows schitts creek

After hearing about all the hype (and memes) about the critically acclaimed Schitt’s Creek, I was keen to try it out for myself. Although it has a bit of a slow start – (the show follows a rich family who lose all their money and end up with no choice but to live penniless in a tiny town they own in Canada) by the second season it’s a laugh a minute. There’s a quirky character in the show we can all relate to, and the episodes are only 20 minutes long, meaning I can fit a quick viewing in between chores. I’m only halfway through and I already can’t wait for the first rewatch…

Maria, Copywriter & Content Executive


it's a sin tv show
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Sinfully brilliant in every single way! It’s a Sin stars the ever gorgeous Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander. It tells the story of three friends who navigate London, the 80s and their young lives to the maximum. The cinematography, humour, costumes, characters, directing and acting are all flawless. Episode 1 is where we meet our main characters and learn their back stories. Meanwhile, whispers of a disease or ‘cancer’ that is killing men is hinted which becomes more prominent as the first instalment closes. With only five episodes in total, I am trying my best to drag each one out as long as possible. Partly to savour every glorious moment, but also trying to delay the heartbreak and agony that was a reality for so many during the Aids epidemic.

Michelle, Marketing Manager


tv shows the queens gambit
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I typically favour a thriller or criminal TV show to grab my attention. However, I wanted to try something different so gave ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ a go.

Based in America in the 1950s and 1960s, it follows the life of an introverted lady called Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy). At a very young age she becomes an orphan and discovers her talent to become a master of chess. The show follows Beth’s life as she tackles her demons of battling addiction, her passion and obsession for chess, and the friendships she’s built along the way. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the interior design, fashion, make up and music represented throughout those times. Give it a go, I’m sad I watched it too quickly.

Emily, Email Marketing Executive


tv show the handmaid's tale
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I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about this series and was nervous to get started. After watching the first episode I was slightly terrified, but now I’m three series in and completely hooked. It’s based on a dystopian world which is faced with a plummeting birth rate and very few fertile women. They are then forced into sexual servitude. Cheery, I know! But this series is seriously addictive…

Lucy, Social Media & Influencer Executive


TV shows bridgerton

A scandalous Netflix series based on the cut throat matchmaking scene of high society in the 19th Century. Expect a period style, Gossip Girl-esque drama with insane costume, salacious rumours and even orchestral music of the latest hits by the likes of Ariana Grande. It has a bit of everything, humour, romance, mystery and sex – definitely not one to watch with parents or children. Hope and I devoured this show and we’re now counting down the days until series two is released. A must-watch that will leave you expecting your very own Mr Darcy to come calling once lockdown has lifted.

Hope and Honor, Buying


tv shows the great
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The Great is loosely based on Catherine The Great and follows her journey to Russia where she is thrust into the position as Empress of Russia, but quickly grows to dislike her husband and everyone in the court that surrounds her. Full of profanity, dark humour and contradictions (one example: it’s period costume vs. modern soundtrack), it’s a splendidly nuanced show, the likes of which I have not seen in years.

Livia, Marketing Manager


tv shows football
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Since football first returned to screens last June, I’m certain not a day has gone by where there hasn’t been a game on in my house. Football really isn’t the same without fans in the ground, and it almost feels like just a simulation of the game so many people adore at times. However, it does provide some escapism for me and many others (although of late being a Liverpool fan it hasn’t felt like a great escape…).

One of the main things I love about football is that it connects me to so many people with the endless debates and discussions it creates, bringing group chats alive before, during and after kick off. Watching football isn’t quite as enjoyable as playing the game itself, however until I can do that again I am content with carrying on my non-stop football watching spree!

Words: Maria Loizou