How to Curate the Perfect Sleep Sanctuary

sleep sanctuary, understated bedroom Credit: Shutterstock

Sleep Awareness Week has officially commenced, and this year it runs from the 14th-20th March. Celebrating the importance and need to prioritise a quality night’s slumber, the benefits of sleep truly do speak for themselves.

Whilst the science itself is critical, in a time when our home has become a haven, the aesthetics of a sleep sanctuary are as important as the scientific factors in ensuring an inner calm, and subliminally lifting our mood.

When our home has become our office and our office has become our home, creating a calming space with the focus of relaxation and self-care is more important than ever.

Tips for the perfect sleep sanctuary

Invest in the best

sleep sanctuary silentnight weighted blanket
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Whilst we’re all missing the hotel experience right now, we’re doing our best to replicate the experience from home instead with sumptuously soft (and ultra cosy) duvets and plush pillows to rest our tired heads on. If chosen wisely you can get years of use out of the perfect pillow and duvets. We recommend Silentnight’s offerings, who have a versatile selection to suit any needs.

Tidy space, tidy mind

Whether you’re a minimalist or more of a collector, it’s important to keep your space organised. Waking up in a messy or cluttered bedroom instantly brings stress and worry into the mind, so do what you can to spark joy the moment you open your eyes until the day is over (sadly, that doesn’t include a floordrobe).

Ensure your bedding is crafted from cotton

sleep sanctuary
Linen House Luana King Duvet Cover Set – £59

Finding the right bed linen set for you can be a challenge unto itself. From ensuring it fits into your chosen colour scheme to deciding whether you’d prefer a printed or plain design, there’s much to consider. One non-negotiable? The quality of the linens should always be made from cotton. Not only is it more comfortable, but it is much softer on your skin, enhancing the overall experience.

The perfect scented candle can go a long way

Credit: Unsplash/Jasmin Ne

Although the best way to refresh the ambiance of your room is with a blast of fresh air from an open window, a scented candle can also reinvigorate your bedroom, whilst bringing a relaxing ambiance upon an evening alongside a good novel. Sensitive smoke alarm? Relax with a diffuser instead.

Embrace the benefits of silk

Not only are silk pillowcases amazing for restoring your hair and keeping your skin soft, but they add a hint of luxury to the boudoir. For extra style points, purchase a matching sleep mask.

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Surround yourself with your favourite things

The bedroom is an intimate space, and one where you can allow your creativity and aesthetic desires to flourish. It may be a sense of familiarity that comes with pictures of loved ones, décor reminiscent of your childhood home, or a space themed around the travel you’re currently missing. The right collection of pieces are sure to bring positivity and enhance your mood.

Utilise calming colours

Make your bedroom the perfect space to find your inner zen by decorating it with calming hues. Think pastel shades and neutral tones, blues, pinks, greys, beiges and tans are the most versatile and peaceful options.

Bring the nature indoors

With garden centres being one of our havens right now, there has been a huge resurgence in indoor plants – especially with millennials. Regardless of if your hopes are for a secret garden or one or two fresh florals, some indoor nature brings a refreshing edge to any space.

Words: Maria Loizou