How to Have a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve

Fireworks NYE

You know the New Year’s Eve drill by now if you’re anywhere near as unorganized as us: you never plan anything and then when you hear the dreaded question – “what should we do this NYE?” – you shrivel up, your mind wanders and you reply: “we’ll see what happens.” A quick translation for this behaviour is: “I’ve no idea what I’m doing”.

Every year, you’re frantically trying to find something last minute, and eventually just end up sitting at home watching the fireworks from behind your rain-drenched window. We understand, New Year’s Eve is a stressful time for anyone and everyone. Here are some tips that you can use to have a less stressful time this year.

Plan Ahead

We know, everyone says to plan stuff but if you do plan on going out somewhere for New Year’s Eve, you seriously do have to plan it…like, now. There are loads of places in London that are hosting interesting and wonderful events this year; here are some of our suggestions.

Big Apple Brixton: Swap London for New York in the 70’s this year for a bit of a difference.

2016 London New Year’s Eve Ball: If you feel the need to dress up this year, this is probably for you!

Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve at Sky Garden: If you love the Great Gatsby, this is where you need to be.

New Year’s Eve at Duck & Waffle: For a sophisticated and nostalgic 1920’s vibe.

New Year’s Eve: Tarantino Special: This is for you if you love Quentin Tarantino, a fun and quirky place all night long.

NYE Big Apple Brixton

A New Year’s Eve Break

Instead of going somewhere in London this year, where you know it will be crowded and overpriced then why not go on a New Year’s Eve Break? Get out of London for a bit this January and with some of your close friends along for the ride, it may even be better than going out! With Air BnB options getting cheaper every day, it’s easy on the bank account too.

NYE Break

Go Traditional and See Some Fireworks

If you don’t want too much of a fuss this year, go and see some fireworks. Everywhere in London is doing something for New Year’s Eve with fireworks – or at least that’s how it seems…Why not get out of bed and go see them? Because everyone likes fireworks… right?

Fireworks NYE

New Year’s Eve Dinner Party

Because who really wants to go through all this stress of planning to go somewhere and spending all of your money anyway? January is the longest month in the world after all. Instead, get a few friends around and have a little New Year’s Eve dinner party! A great alternative for the master chefs out there and a cheap alternative. If you’re not cooking a Michelin style meal that is.

Dinner Party NYE

Skip it Altogether

Now this can go one of two ways: spending it with your family or going to a friend’s house. Now, spending time with your family seems great: you probably don’t see them that often anyway. But perhaps after Christmas you feel as though you’ve seen enough of them to last a lifetime? A catch-up with close friends and a bottle of wine? Sounds like a good alternative to New Year’s Eve parties to us.

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