Christmas Songs You’ll Be Putting on Repeat This Year

Christmas Songs You’ll Be Putting on Repeat This Year - Cover

The turkey is in the oven, someone’s frantically trying to cook everything on their own and the rest of the family are drinking to their hearts’ content. In the corner, someone is eating all the cake they can before anyone notices. Would we have Christmas any other way?

December 25th. It’s all about family, presents and eating. And for better or worse, someone is going to get blind drunk and crack out a karaoke machine that you didn’t even know you had. Picturing these scenes is impossible without also imagining the slow lilt (or mad crescendo…) of Christmas music.

Unlike the ever-changing nature of the charts, Christmas Songs are a reassuring constant in a world constantly updating. Getting into the festive spirit by way of a good old carol or caterwaul is a century-old tradition and we’ve put together the best of the tunes you’ll no doubt be putting on repeat this Christmas!

From Nat King Cole to Destiny’s Child, we’ve got something for everyone and anyone! These Christmas songs are definitely going to get you into the mood for Christmas, even if you are bit a of Grinch at this time of year.

Even our Office Grinch can’t resist a jaunt with The Pogues or a festive shimmy with Kylie. There’s just something undeniably heart-warming about the familiarity of a Christmas tune – unlike the ferocity of a world that never stops, it can be a gentle relief to hear the same old things yet again.

Whether you’re a Grinch or a self-confessed addict of Christmas shopping and films, we’ve definitely got something for you to enjoy for Christmas on our playlist this year!

So just sit back and relax to the sound of Christmas with this little playlist from Frank Sinatra, to Ariana Grande that we’ve curated for you to put on repeat this Christmas

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