Winter Skincare Tips: Keep Your Skin Feeling Fresh


Your skin goes through a lot. From make up and pollution to extreme weather, the elements can really make your pores suffer. This is elevated even further during winter, as the cold bitter winds, accompanied by extra-hot showers and central heating can affect our skin. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, you can simply switch up your beauty regime to accommodate the changing weather. Unsure where to start? That’s why we’ve highlighted five key steps to make things a little more straight forward.


It’s a common misconception that SPF should only be worn when the sun’s out – in fact you should be wearing it all year round. UV light is always present and if your skin isn’t protected it could cause irreversible damage.

Use it as the final step in your skincare routine (before you put on makeup), and ensure you’re wearing a minimum of SPF 30 to get full coverage no matter what your age is – your skin will thank you in the future.

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Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

This is one technique you can start right now, simply stay hydrated! No matter how many lotions and potions you may be using, simply make sure you’re getting your two litres of water (minimum) per day to have your skin at its best.

This will keep your skin looking plump (making dreaded wrinkles less prominent), glowy and improves complexion. Water is not only good for your skin, but it’s also fantastic for your body and mind, keeping you focused and more alert – key for what feels like day one million of working from home.

Source: CottonBro / Pexels

Say No to Chapped Lips

Ever had one of those colds that makes your lips so dry they start to chap? The pain can be pretty unpleasant. The wind doesn’t help, and whilst ultimately licking your lips may feel like a short term fix – it doesn’t do you much good.

Instead, make sure you always have some lip balm on hand. Lipstick lovers, you can put on a light layer before you add a hint of rouge, or simply go natural, it’s only going to come off as soon as you put your face mask on anyway.

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Cleanser is Key

Hopefully you’re already using a cleanser in your skincare routine, but over the winter months you may need to invest in a new product. Central heating and wind will dry up your skin over the coming months, so you’ll need to invest in a cleanser which will hydrate it, removes grime and makeup, as well as rejuvenating your skin.


Whilst exfoliation shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine, you should be making the effort to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week in order to have a lighter, brighter complexion. Use a facial cleansing brush or facial sponge on the surface of your skin – but don’t add too much pressure, if you’re too rough it can leave your skin raw.

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Treat Yourself


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Words: Maria Loizou